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Our Yuna and Yena got a BarkBox monthly subscription as a part of their monthly gifts :P. Trust me, they love receiving gifts (they love that magical word!) and they are now very spoiled that they don't even show any interest if the gift doesn't meet their expectations... Oh, dear! >_<


Yena's generally very calm and patient. However, she can get very stubborn and very picky with treats and food as she seems to look for what makes that specific food very special (she tends to like quite expensive stuff -_-...). As for the toys, she simply loves very fragile looking things that are normally designed for small dogs XD. Although that's her taste, she actually goes through her and Yuna's toy basket and enjoys taking all the toys out one by one, only spending a minute or two in a self-playing session with each of them :3. She does loves variety.

border collies

Yuna may seem quite fussy and demanding as she's the one who usually asks to be played with 24/7 as she simply loves playing and doing activities. And she is generally very curious about what my man and I talk about, especially when we're talking to her. That's the main reason why I started to teach her some positive words and sentences that could help her understand us better and communicate better with my man and I. She's very quick with learning, so I try my best to stimulate her brain as much as I can. She's very toy-driven, so my man and I always look for toys that we could name and will last long through her tough chewing :P.


I was looking for a new toy for Yena as my man just threw away her precious giraffe, and I came across BarkBox, which is a monthly subscription for dogs. The box is supposed to contain some healthy treats and a couple of toys. I never heard of such a monthly box before, so I told my man about it first as I wanted to see how he thought about it. And we decided to give it a try as it could be a very nice way for Yuna and Yena to try out new healthy treats and get to play with new interesting looking toys. And of course, they get to learn more words and new types of playing with us :). So we ordered a box for large dogs, paying the little bit extra for the extra toy.

barkbox barkbox barkbox

Luckily, the BarkBox for August, which is this month, arrived very fast through DHL. Yes, DHL! I think it only took a few days O_O. And here are what we have received for this month!




barkbox barkbox

The treats seem quite healthy and are all made in Canada and USA, which is very nice. However, they did make quite a bit of mess as they were dry and it took only less than a minute to finish them XD. Well, they are not bones, so it was expected I guess :P. However, Yuna and Yena seem to enjoy the pampering session very much and none of them had any stomach issues. Even Yuna with her very sensitive stomach was fine with the treats! Yay <3

barkbox & border collies barkbox

As for the toys, they all squeaked and certainly look very interesting and may be hard to find in pet shops. However, my man and I got a bit disappointed about the toughness regardless of how much Yuna and Yena were excited about the new toys as the box was designed for large dogs. Yena doesn't chew toys other than bones, which isn't a big problem with her, but Yuna likes to to take her toys and trim the unnecessary looking parts when she's tired after playing :P. LOL. Yes, so my man and I had red lights on those toys, and watched Yuna especially how she was doing with the new toys.

barkbox & border collies

Surprisingly, the palm tree has been Yena's favourite and they never once attempt to chew it :O. Well, it certainly looks very tempting and chewable, but it's just surprising that it hasn't happened yet XD. Yay! The extra cost for it was well worth it after all as Yena really loves the palm tree :).

barkbox barkbox

The problem is the goldfish though. As expected, Yuna has been trimming bit by bit every day. Yuna really treasures the goldfish, and there is always little bits of it wherever she goes, even when we put her harness on :3. LOL. However, at the same time, she doesn't forget to make sashimi out of it -_-. Don't get me wrong, the goldfish still has its shape, it's just that its fin's getting smaller and smaller XD.

Anyways, I think that it's a pretty good value for what you get in the box. It might not be the best bet if your dog is a strong chewer, but it certainly works great if you actually spend time with your dog and play with the toys. Toughness of the toys wasn't the best for the large breeds, but we had no issue with using them as fetch toys :). My man and I are already looking forward to the BarkBox for next month!

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