Chicken Jerky for Dogs Recipe

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My man and I like to take Yuna and Yena out for lunch to sit in the sun and have a bit of family moment :). I always order the same chicken salad for myself mainly because our babies simply love chicken.

border collie border collie border collie border collie border collie

If there's any luck, they get to have some homemade treats offered by the place too! No wonder they love dining out :P.

border collie border collie

Anyways, while we were having lunch, my man and I discussed whether we should try making our own homemade chicken as it's much healthier and cost-effective. We spend a lot of money each month pampering Yuna and Yena with toys, treats, supplements, dog biscuits etc. from the shop, which made us wonder at one point how fresh and healthy the biscuits are actually. And that's what started it, our first experiment was making chicken jerky to substitute those biscuits! Well, we want to reduce the amount of intake by Yuna and Yena at least if it doesn't go well :P.

chicken jerky & dog treats

Voilà! Although we didn't have any food dehydrator, it turned out very nice just by using an oven :). And here's how we did.

chicken jerky & dog treats


  • 1+ chicken breasts (preferably natural/organic)
  • A small amount of olive oil


Step 1: Partially freeze the chicken breast, or freeze it and microwave it for around 30 seconds, this makes it easier to slice the chicken very thinly.

Step 2: Pre-heat the oven to 80ºC/170ºF

Step 3: Slice the chicken as thin as possible, removing the tendon (the white bit) as you go.

Step 4: Lay out a large piece of tin foil and lightly brush with olive oil, this prevents the chicken from sticking.

Step 5: Arrange the chicken on the tin foil, try to allow a few millimeters space around each piece so they don't touch.

chicken jerky & dog treats

Step 6: Lightly brush olive oil onto the top of each piece of chicken.

chicken jerky & dog treats chicken jerky & dog treats chicken jerky & dog treats

Step 7: Bake for 2-3 hours, turning the chicken half way through. A good way to know when they are done is when the majority of the pieces are no longer glistening.

chicken jerky & dog treats chicken jerky & dog treats chicken jerky & dog treats chicken jerky & dog treats

Step 8: Place the chicken in an airtight container for up to a week, or longer when frozen, and try to share some with your dog, These things are addictive ^_^

chicken jerky & dog treats

It may be tempting to season the chicken, remember that you should be careful to pick only dog-friendly seasonings. That means no salt, no soy sauce, no garlic as these all have issues with dogs. Personally I think they taste great without any seasoning, and the dogs certainly don't have any complaints.

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