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I made a comparison post on the luxury skin care brands, so if you are interested or if you are new to luxury skin care brands, make sure you check it out ;).

Guerlain Super-Aqua

Unlike other Perfumery brands, Guerlain skin care has been well loved by my family consistently regardless of their ingredients. We have used their entire range to great effect. I got to try the Guerlain Super Aqua range when I visited my sister over my university summer holidays in Australia (when the rest of the world was in freezing winter!). Anyways, I completely forgot to pack moisturisers (that's what I told my sister, but hey, I didn't pack my skin care products on purpose LOL :P), so my sister kindly allowed me to use her skincare products for a month! XD (Oh, love you, sis <3) She had a full Super Aqua range, and yes, I got to use every single one of them from toner to treatment.

Guerlain Super-Aqua Guerlain Super-Aqua

Guerlain Super-Aqua Guerlain Super-Aqua

Back then, they only had one kind of serum and day cream, now they have; Super Aqua-Serum Light Wrinkle Plumper, Super Aqua-Serum Hydrating Wrinkle Plumper, Super Aqua-Creme Day Gel and Super Aqua-Creme Day cream. The Super Aqua range quenches dehydrated skin straight away and keeps skin hydrated for 24 hours. By the way, Super Aqua-Creme Night Balm isn't really balmy at all, so don't get scared from the name :P. It's more of a thick textured cream. And in summer, when my skin gets quite oily, I quite often just pat their Super Aqua Hydration lotion/toner onto my clean skin with hands and put on my sunscreen right on top. It feels very hydrating. You can even use Super Aqua Hydration lotion/toner as a conditioner after your regular toner if you think you need an extra hydration boost.

Guerlain Super-Aqua Guerlain Super-Aqua

There's a reason why Guerlain's Super Aqua range has been always one of my favourite products when it comes to relieving thirsty skin. It has been about 7 years since I first tried it, and I've stuck with their range ever since. My family is still using their range with other products, and everyone that I know who uses them really enjoys it. There's one thing to be noted though, due to the nature of the brand, their products are highly fragranced; it's pleasant, but if you are allergic to any fragrance, beware.

Guerlain Super-Aqua serum Guerlain Super-Aqua serum

Guerlain Super-Aqua serum Guerlain Super-Aqua serum

Guerlain products are well worth the money that you pay like all other their skin care products. In my opinion, they are a great introductory hydrating skin care range to start off with. I think Guerlain Super Aqua range is more accessible compared to other luxury skin care brands in terms of value for quality and versatility. Great as a makeup base with a beautiful glow, and you can even make your own tinted moisturiser with the cream and a drop of your foundation. You can choose the consistency that you want according to your skin type and it should provide sufficient hydration unless you have extremely dry/dehydrated skin.

I'm also a massive fan of their Super Aqua-Mask and Super Aqua-Mask Sheets. The Super Aqua-Mask Sheets will quench even the driest and the most dehydrated skin instantly. You really should try them if you have serious issues with dehydration. I wrote another post on their masks, so if you are keen, you can check it out here.

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