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La Mer The Concentrate is very healing and soothing that you can even use it a few days after any in-office treatment, or any summer/winter outdoor sports including surfing and skiing as an after-sun soother. Its regenerating power is simply Wow. And I’ve noticed that when use together with La Mer Treatment Lotion, it provides longer hydration and better regenerating day and night. If you suffer from dryness and dehydration or even sensitivity, I highly recommend you to use this duo together.

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And if you want the ultra long lasting hydration, I suggest you try one of their famous moisturisers (full review) on top :). There’s nothing much to say about any other anti-aging aspects since I feel that The Concentrate and The Treatment Lotion is leaning more towards hydration boosting and skin well-being. Although I didn’t see much change in pore size, they do plump skin and make skin look very youthful and glowy.

The Treatment Lotion

The Treatment Lotion has a watery gel like consistency, which quenches skin instantly. It penetrates into skin fast too.

La Mer The Treatment Lotion texture

The one thing that I love about it most is that you can actually layer it, giving about a minute interval. Yes, it does work if you have dehydrated skin. It’s not near how a layer of hydrating serum can give, but it’s nearly there :P.

La Mer The Treatment Lotion texture
La Mer The Treatment Lotion texture

I think that oily skin types can even use it as their regular serum even though it's nothing to do with sebum control or lightening discolouration. And it didn’t burn or sting my eye area when I put it on, which is very nice. The smell won’t be a problem since it’s not very noticeable. It’s just very soothing and calming.

The Concentrate

La Mer The Concentrate has a quite a nice herbal-y fresh scent. It's funny, because when I use it in the morning, I find the scent quite awakening, and when I put it on at night, the scent is quite calming and healing :3. One thing is clear, and that's that I enjoy using it especially when I feel sick as the scent somehow helps me feel better O_O.

Regardless, it is possibly by far the most thickest (not richest) regenerating/hydrating serum on the market. It doesn’t penetrate or absorb into skin very fast, but it does spread easily.

La Mer The Concentrate & La Mer Serums texture
La Mer The Concentrate & La Mer Serums texture

Due to the unique consistency, a thick oil-in-gel serum, it feels that it actually creates a fine satiny film on top of your skin momentarily.

La Mer The Concentrate & La Mer Serums texture

Don’t get fooled by its momentary silky texture as it has that after oil serum finish, a bit sticky and slightly greasy once it’s fully absorbed into skin. For this reason, I wouldn’t suggest using The Concentrate on acne-prone oily skin types since it will probably be way too heavy.

However, it’s indeed great for dry / dehydrated / sensitive skin types. My man has eczema -prone skin and he just loves The Concentrate. Well, to be honest, he hates the texture, but he just loves the fact that it soothes and hydrates his skin. I even tried it around my eye area and it didn’t make my eyes watery, which is another added bonus :).

Tips on Application

The formula’s very interesting how The Concentrate glides onto skin like a silicone primer. It goes on very smooth and somehow skin feels slippery too! For that reason, I highly recommend you not to use The Concentrate under any other serum that you use, but over the serum. And if you decide to follow with a moisturiser, I recommend you to pick a thicker textured cream due to the texture and finish of it. I personally like to put on La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream (full review) as they seem to give skin fool-proof hydration / regeneration overnight XD.

If you decide to use The Concentrate under make-up, you should be careful since it doesn’t hold make-up well. I always find it hard to put even a concealer on the days when I use The Concentrate underneath. It’s up to you when to use it, but I recommend you use it on make-up free days and nights :). Just not to waste an expensive product :P.

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