Keeping Your Dog's Teeth Clean and Healthy

Published by Jasmine Imms

We visited our vet a few weeks ago, and the vet told us that Yuna and Yena's teeth are in a great condition. He said "immaculate", which made us very happy to hear as we do our best to look after our babies' teeth as best as we can :). So I thought I would share what we do with our babies <3.

border collie border collie

My man and I normally give Yuna and Yena a Nylabone dental stick once every a few days and mini rawhide every other day for their teeth.

And the system has been working perfectly, especially for Yuna.
But somehow they didn’t seem to be working great on Yena when she was little. So we bought Petsmile (127g) just to try out first. It’s a company from Supersmile and we really love their toothpastes. Trust me, my man has very sensitive teeth, but their whitening toothpaste works fine for him >_<.


Anyways, the Petsmile toothpaste doesn’t come with the applicator swabs (aka the toothbrush for dogs). So it cost you a bit extra, but you only need one applicator when you use it, so it will last quite a while.

petsmile & supersmile

We were a bit concerned at the beginning if Yena would like the flavour. But guess what, both Yuna and Yena love the flavour very much that they think it’s a very special treat XD. It’s always fun watching Yuna patiently waiting until Yena’s done with her teeth cleaning for her turn.

petsmile & supersmile border collie


We start cleaning the back teeth to front, left to right, on the upper gum first, then lower. You use only one applicator, but you need about 4cm of toothpaste to clean properly (for medium dogs), so if your dog is a bit bigger, it might not last as long compared to the number of applicators.

border collie

Manually cleaning teeth can be a bit difficult if you have to do alone, but if your dog gets enough treats and/or you feel that your dental cleaning system for your dog doesn’t seem to be working well, I think it’s worthwhile to try out this method!

border collie border collie

It thoroughly cleanses and doesn’t have that typical pet dental treat smell either. It’s beef flavoured but it’s very subtle, so your dog’s breath won’t smell like beef afterwards.

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