Swiss Perfection Review > Cellular Lightening Eye Mask (VS Sisley Eye Contour Mask)

Published by Jasmine Imms

I've never really tried a wash-off eye mask other than Glamglow Mud Eye Mask in the past simply because I'm quite skeptical about improving the delicate eye area visibly with it. On top of that, I personally prefer leave-on masks and sheet masks as they feel more hydrating and they're just very convenient to use. So I wasn't that particularly keen on Swiss Perfection Cellular Lightening Eye Mask at the beginning until I've been given samples of it whenever I bought their products.

Swiss Perfection Cellular Lightening Eye Mask & skincare

By the way, Swiss Perfection doesn't give away samples easily, and you can only get generous samples only when you spend quite a bit of money. They are very stingy with samples, so try to buy whatever you need at once if you like to receive proper sample treats :). I spend about $1000 to $2000 per purchase depending on the gift with purchase that they offer at time.

Scent & Consistency

I don't smell anything, and it doesn't sting or irritate my eyes when it's applied. It's a white creamy mask which isn't too light or too heavy.

Swiss Perfection Cellular Lightening Eye Mask & skincare

Normally, one sample (3mL) lasts me a few months as a small amount goes a long way. It spreads very well without any rich heavy feeling.

Swiss Perfection Cellular Lightening Eye Mask & skincare

While it's working for 15 minutes, I like to relax and have a cup of tea. After removing with water or a warm cloth, skin around my eye area felt soft and smooth.


Cellular Lightening Eye Mask has the ability to both brighten and energize the skin of the eye contour area. Its lightening power comes from a combination of liquorice and Mulberry Root Extract. It additionally contains Natural Vitamin C for its anti-oxidizing, soothing and toning qualities.



To be honest, I don't really have much dark circle or puffiness issues around the area as I always try my best to keep my blood circulating even when I don't feel well, so I cannot really speak for the mask's brightening benefit. However, I've been using the mask over the past few years, so perhaps it has been helping my eye area all this time. It's shame that the mask doesn't deliver any instant miracle for its price (CHF 200), but it seems to help relieving dehydration caused by lack of sleep and looking into a computer monitor for a long time.

I've also noticed that my eye cream works better on the nights that I use the mask beforehand. It isn't very soothing or nourishing compared to Sisley eye mask which is a leave-on mask whereas the Swiss Perfection one is a wash-off type, but it has a better firming sensation while it's working. The mask isn't specifically designed for banishing fine wrinkles around the eye area, which can be more tricky to tell if it truly works as it targets more on overall quality of the area. Regardless, it has been working fine without stinging my eyes, so I have no complaints :P.


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