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Beautémia is the world's very first luxury skincare blog established in 2012 by Jasmine with over 10 years of her personal and family experience in the area of high technology luxury skincare pioneers including La Prairie, La Mer and Sisley to name a few. Some of Jasmine's interests in skincare since adolescence include cell longevity, cell communication and DNA protection and repair, more broadly sun protection and hormonal aging. Her endless cellular skincare journey has coincidentally started while curating a full daily skincare/diet routine for her mother to slow down hormonal aging.

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Part of Your World

Beautémia isn't just a collection of product reviews, but a way to share Jasmine's very own stories from her skincare journey and memories with each product. In the center of Beautémia, there has always been the consistent endeavor to bring and develop better decision making to the community. This is done by educating the readers to stretch their critical thinking despite the fast growing heavy marketing from mass media. Beautémia strives to support a better user experience, which entails not only better website accessibility but also equal open opportunities for anyone in the world to visualise and feel the product through indirect experience. Naturally, Beautémia has been seeing success in promoting and building win-win relationship between those consumers and the luxury skincare market through offering the middle point and growing together. And this has been notably seen on Google by being placed higher than other big beauty related companies and online mass communities.

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Le Penseur (The Thinker)

The door to Beautémia is always open to skincare based on constant research and active product development for more advanced, effective and reliable products to deliver better outcomes. Simultaneously, Beautémia always strives to boost luxury beauty companies' product development through honest and transparent reviews for the better future of high technology beauty market.

For product related questions, please leave a comment on a relevant post. Thank you🙂.

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About the Author

Jasmine is an author and founder of Beautémia, high-tech luxury skincare specialist, independent self-taught artist, student and a mother of two border collies. Jasmine has always been multi-cultural, curious and passionate in nature, and she has been embracing all kinds of beauty and arts in our life since her childhood. She was born and raised in Korea, then moved to Australia when she was an adolescent. As she grew up in an educator family, she has naturally been intrigued by many things and all living beings, from animals, love and philosophy to communication and exploring different minds and places.

Jasmine firmly believes that knowledge is power, but we cannot deny the significance of wisdom as it gives us wings for better decision making and hope to get through the dark moments in our lives. To practice in real life, she thinks that it is beneficial for us to incorporate enlightenment in the actions and decisions that we make. Alongside that, she finds it essential that constant self-improvement should be accompanied by self-reflection and observation throughout our life.

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As she has always hoped for a better world to live in, she started her education in Law and International Relations at University of Queensland, then she transferred to Australian National University in Canberra and completed her studies in Sociology, Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies. The combination of those fields helped Jasmine take her understanding and approach of her daily interactions in society to the next level, which ultimately made her seek ways to enlighten people and help with their decision making processes in different aspects.

That's how Beautémia was born; to help and grow with the community to practice better decision making and to explore different options that people can indirectly experience. Other than arts and beauty, Jasmine is interested in anything fundamental including human/animal behaviour, psychology and philosophy including ideals, wisdom and different mindsets. Although she mostly works with pastels, she has been particularly enjoying incorporating collage, illustration and printmaking techniques in her artwork as a powerful communication tool to help our society broaden their sense of understanding and wisdom for better harmony and peace, not only within ourselves but also in our life.

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