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Animal Instinct...Pure seduction... Autumn/Winter Collection 2013 by PRADA, MARC JACOBS & GUCCI

Published by Jasmine Seo

Featured image: Pablo Picasso  < King of the Minotaurs >

If you have read my previous post Legenddary! Muubaa!,  you know that I am a warmer season lover!  >_<
Not just that, I just love the ideas of adding/reflecting our characters in our fashion! This is another reason why I prefer S/S rather than A/W. At least for me, it is much more challenging to add a hint of character  in A/W fashion than in S/S's.
The clothes, textures, colours..etc. that we have access to are very limited indeed. Well, if you have a magical sense of fashion and lots of cash to splash,  then it will not be a big problem at all! ;) But the truth is that most of us cannot afford to buy new clothes  for every season just to follow the trend! :'(
What I believe is that the best way to deal with such a challenge is to; look into the leading designers' collections (follow your taste!)  and try to find a key concept in them. And that is simply what you should do!
Fashion normally recycles, so please break the idea of_Old Fashion=Dead=Outdated_.
Personally, I believe that fashion revives just in different colours, textures and shapes. This does not necessarily change its essence anyways. You might laugh,  but this is the main reason why I cannot just throw away  my mother's old designer clothes and accessories! >_<
And clearly, some of my favourite leading brands  Prada, Marc Jacobs and Gucci  have proven this in A/W collection 2013.

PRADA A/W Collection 2013

MARC JACOBS A/W Collection 2013

GUCCI A/W Collection 2013

It is very true that personal interpretation on fashion varies from person to person,  which is one of the things I love the most about fashion. This brings out different outcomes, ie. different styles/characters!
Anyway, I hope you caught some key concepts from these three collections! :)
All about animal inspired after all!
Textures, colours, silluettes..etc. A hint of anything animal felt! Not overly done, but chic!
Isn't it amazing to see how just adding one accessory makes a huge difference in the image and overall style? Who said these are just for our mothers' generation? :P
So, now you know what you need to do! Autumn is coming, and make sure to check  whether you (or even your mother :P) have got anything animal printed/textured..etc.  in your (or your mother's :P) wardrobe!  And if you do,  then you should put it aside so that you can play with it in coming A/W!
I try to do my best to keep my post informative/helpful as possible as I can. So hopefully you have found this post helpful with organising your wardrobe  for the coming season! :)  In fact, I should go and do mine too!  Haha XD
Thank you for reading my post  and  Good Luck!

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