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MISSONI Crochet-Knit Mini Dress and.....STRESS! >_<

Published by Jasmine Seo

Edvard Munch <The Scream>

Often, we go through times where everything seems to be just way out of our hands.

Or even something that makes us feel ugly! :(

Life is about ups and downs.

From this sense, god seems to be fair indeed.

So as usual, I am listening to "Let It Be" by The Beatles [the Great].
I believe this song is indeed perfect for today!

And you might have already guessed,
That is right!
I chose to Let It Be,
rather than to Scream.

I believe that Let It Be provides solution and hope,
whilst Scream devours your soul (?!).

And what is the next step?

Just pop some colours on me,
and I feel way better!

Happier colours, the Better!


Quite often, I find that focusing on myself helps a lot when I feel down.

With Let It Be,

I pop on my favourite bright coloured statement dress on!
Then, accessorise and put some makeup on!

In fact, you can put on any statement dress
that shows your emotional status or character!
Just wear anything that makes you feel B-U-tiful and cheerful!
(Btw, apologies for my hair tie, I could not find my normal hair tie,
so I just had to use this. This happens a lot though. LOL )

Now that I am done,
What am I going to do?

I will just go outside and get some fresh air! :D

Best luck everyone, and smile! :)))))))))


I bought this Missoni crochet-knit mini dress from Missoni boutique last year.
Unfortunately I cannot find the retailer who sells this dress.
However, here are two retailers selling similar designs to mine.

With worldwide delivery,
Missoni, Bergdorf Goodman and Net-A-Porter

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