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By Terry Make up > Foundation Purchase Guide ( Light Expert / Cover Expert / Mineral Powder Foundation )

Published by Jasmine Seo

You love By Terry products?
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I have been a massive fan of By Terry products ever since her blush range.  Her products are very sensual.. the texture.. the colour.. the quality.. and the result..  Woooo.. indeed I do love her products >_< <3 Even better, her products have never broke out my sensitive combo skin! :)

A. Light-Expert

In day light

Very light and sheer coverage with a hint of colour. This one is mainly about enhancing natural skin tone and glow. The finish of this is quite matte yet non-drying, and it does not feel like you are wearing any foundation! It absorbs very fast so I understand why it comes with the brush.
Personally I found that this foundation comes in handy when you travel during warmer seasons. It's even very easy to apply with terrible air plane light and you don't need to worry about cakey foundation on your face. It does not make you look like you have put on foundation, so I keep coming back to this foundation when I travel after long exhausting flight!
The only thing thing that you need to remember is a base before applying this foundation!
I found that keeping the base minimalist rather than layering brings the best result with this foundation :)
Otherwise, you might end up seeing your expensive products peeling off or going cakey! O_O
This one does not give you an ultra glow, so if you want noticeable glow on your skin, then you will need to put on a thick moisturiser or glow enhancing base underneath.

B. Cover-Expert


In day light

I have been using this Cover Expert foundation for over two years now, and I must say I really really love this foundation! I wear it all year round with finger tips, and the finish of it is very natural considering it gives you enough coverage. It is not matte, but a comforting dewy finish with natural glow. By the way, this is not as light as Light Expert if you were wondering. This is fast absorbing and light compared to other foundations on the market, but not as much as Light Expert. Another thing that I really like about this foundation is that it is buildable, so quite often I just put a bit more on the spots if I need more coverage. Even for my under eye dark circles, I just layer this foundation over to make it less visible, and I think it works very well! Of course, I do put some finishing powder on the top of the foundation for a longer lasting result.

C. Correcting Mattifying Loose Powder

I have used mineral powder foundation a lot back in uni >_< What you need to do is just Swirl Swirl Tap Tap and Swirl Swirl if you know what I mean >_< lol. By far, By Terry Mineral Powder Foundation is my fave amongst other powder foundations! This foundation works well over any types of moisturisers, serums, sunscreens and make up bases. It has a very dewy, comforting finish with light to medium coverage. I have even taken a nap quite often while wearing this, and it never broke me out :P Oopsie >_< naughty me! If you have got blemishes , spots and dark circles to cover, you do need a concealer for them.
I believe that this foundation is perfect for the occasions where you do not want to really look like you have put on a make up :).

Hope this post helped you with your future By Terry purchase! By the way, I have been using La Prairie and Sisley products for the last a few months,  and my skin has been looking great! I shall make posts on these products soonest as I can :). You have a lovely week! <3

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