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By Terry Make-up > My Go To Products / My Current Makeup Routine

Published by Jasmine Seo

In the previous post, I talked about the different By Terry foundations. Then, it got me thinking about posting my current makeup regime/my Go To By Terry products :). Some of the products from the Or de Rose collection may not be available on the market since they were released in 2012.

Actually, I have been just keeping them in my cosmetic wardrobe as a part of my collection, but I got curious and failed to resist temptation >_< So there you go, I have opened them and I must say I AM IN LOVE with them <3 
Anywho, I see still some places stock this collection, so I have linked below if you are interested :).
Enough intro! >_<  So these products are the ones that I have been using religiously for the last 7 months or so :) Enjoy!

A. Makeup Base

Or de Rose Elixir Extreme (USD 170)

Due to its semi-matte finish, I personally found that it is easier to apply when I mix 1-2 pumps of this with my La Prairie Hydrating cream (Autumn/Winter) or Sisley Eclat Tenseur (Spring/Summer). And trust me, it instantly brightens up my skin and gives a very nice glow! I am aware of the fact that the price is very eye-watering, but hey, it's luxury and it does pay off, so why not? >_< I am the one who gets very hesitant when it comes to makeup bases. It's just that I cannot trust their ingredients O_O. And I had enough of chemical ingredients which break my skin out badly in the past, so I do not mind investing money on good ingredients! >_< What I like most about this primer is that it contains 24K gold, which is potentially beneficial to your skin helping skin aging and balancing. Perhaps it's because of the ingredient, my skin has never broke out, which I am very happy about. Apparently By Terry released something similar this year, which is called Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum. I am not quite sure that this range will work the same as Or de Rose Elixir. Obviously, it offers more colours according to your skin tone, which is better. But I am not convinced that the potential benefits will be the same as Or de Rose Elixir. Well, it's at half the price point, so I wouldn't expect much, but I am quite curious about trying this one out once I am done with Or de Rose Elixir :).

Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum (USD 89)

B. Lip Base

Or de rose Baume Precieux (Discontinued)

It just makes me sad that it has been discontinued.. Such a beautiful product making my lips looking better and more groomed. Think of this as the solid version of Or de Rose Elixir. Just beautiful.. omg.. I cannot believe that they discontinued it T_T. Dear Terry, please bring this back if you read this!!! >_<  I have been using her Baume de Rose for a few years already (And I am a massive fan of it!! >_<) .. but I still cannot get over this Or de rose Baume Precieux T_T sigh

Baume de Rose (USD 60)

Anyways, it is shame that they have discontinued this product, but you can still try Baume de Rose. It is such a lovely product with SPF. I do have VERY sensitive/dry lips, so I do get very picky when I choose a lip product. But Baume de Rose has never irritated my lips and I found that my lips feel healthier than before! >_< Smooth and my lipstick glides on easily too! I adore it! <3 They brought out a 10 Year Anniversary edition in Baume de Rose in February this year, so if you want a special packaging like me, have a look! :)

Baume de Rose 10 Year Anniversary Edition (USD 60)

C. Foundation

From Left, Light-Expert (USD 65); Cover-Expert (USD 66); Correcting Mattifying Loose Powder (USD 69)

If you are someone who has been using tinted moisturisers/BB/CC creams for a natural enhanced look, then you should start considering trying out By Terry foundations! I have stopped using foundations for a while since my skin broke out very badly from them. I was very skeptical about trying By Terry foundations at Mecca Cosmetica in Australia. However, omg I am back! >_< It has been a few years and my skin's still fine! :D I use Light-Expert in warmer seasons, Cover-Expert all year round or whenver I feel like I need a bit of more coverage and Correcting Mattifying Loose Powder when I am in rush! >_<
I made a blog post on these foundations earlier which you can read about it here.

D. Concealer

Touch Veloutee (USD 58)

I have always been used creamy concealers because of their lasting power and coverage, BUT I must say Touch Veloutee has replaced all other my concealers! >_< Very liquidy light concealer. However, it does give very good coverage and is very buildable indeed! Often, I don't even use any foundation, I just use Touch Veloutee to correct any imperfections to enhance my natural look. And it does work wonders.. OMG, Dear Terry, if you discontinue this, I will literally start crying, so PLEASE NEVER EVER DISCONTINUE this >_< Touch Veloutee is perfect for under eye dark circles, spots..ANYTHING really! <3

E. Finishing Powder

Terrybly Or Rose High Light Compact Powder (USD 101.50)

Okay, for this one, I have a feeling that many people got confused >_<. When you first open it, it does look like the picture above. Yes, it gets a bit shimmery and acts like a highlighter upon the first 3-4 time usage. After then, It won't look like the picture O_O. It becomes more like a finishing 'glow' powder.

I must say it does make your skin look more glowy after applying Terrybly Or Rose High Light Compact Powder on top of my By Terry foundations. I just dust it all over my face and it holds my makeup better and gives me a nice glow >_< If you have a look at my By Terry foundation blog post that I have wrote before, you see me wearing Terrybly Or Rose High Light Compact Powder in all the photos! To be honest, I was a bit shocked/confused when all the shimmer disappeared, but I don't regret purchasing it since I am now using it as my glow powder! And people have been complementing on how glowy my skin looks, so I am very pleased overall >_< However, I can see people getting disappointed since Terrybly Or Rose High Light Compact Powder does not work as a highlighter O_O, but it does brings subtle glow and lights to your skin! >_<
Does that make sense? :)

F. Blushers

Blush Terrybly Ultimate Radiance in shade Sexy Plum (USD 75)

The very first By Terry products which hooked me were blushers! I never replaced these two shades with any other blushers since >_<. Her taste in colours is truly breath taking, and I do admire her sense! Again, these powder blushers have never broke my skin out or caused any blemishes, which is excellent :). They smell divine, are very easily buildable, delicately pigmented, skin friendly... indeed, it will be very hard for me to replace these blushers with something else! >_<

I wear Blush Terrybly Ultimate Radiance in shade Sexy Plum all year around, and the same blusher in shade Beach Bomb for warmer seasons :).

Blush Terrybly Ultimate Radiance in shade Beach Bomb (USD 75)

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