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CHANEL Fall-Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture Show

Published by Jasmine Seo

Be aware, you will see models wrapped in very luxurious expensive carpets/handkerchief/dish washing cloth here!
No offence, but they all look like puff/disco balls >_<.
Very shocking indeed.

How can this happen to Haute Couture by la maison de Chanel?
Lot's of embellishment = Haute Couture ?
I am sorry, it doesn't work like that :)

Where's Chanel's timelessly simple yet classic look?
You can honestly buy similar designs with this much embellishment at a much more reasonable price point.

La maison's gone really wild.

When they brought out the Boy Chanel bag range, I was like, "okay, I am not a huge fan of this line, but yes, it's the 21st century and if they want to target younger age groups. That's fine as long as it doesn't go beyond this lol."

But honestly, it seems to me that my fave Karl Lagerfeld is trying too hard these days.
I can see the fact that he is getting older, so he subconsciously tries to make his designs look young and modern.
However, it shouldn't affect Chanel's philosophy.

These days, you can find tweeds from other brands too.
But we still get Chanel tweed jackets for a reason; they're timeless and there's something that I would call "Chanel-ness" all over them.

In this collection, however, I was confused the whole time.
This is why it took me so long to decide whether I should make a post or not as a Chanel fan.
From this collection, it felt more like Karl Lagerfeld pushed his own futuristic taste into timeless classic Chanel-ness.

No offence, but if la maison has a plan to keep running Chanel all wishy washy like this; not really Chanel-like, not really modern, I would say Valentino will do much better in the future. I am not just saying this because I am a massive fan of Valentino >_<. I just appreciate different interpretations and expressions :).

From Valentino's A/W 2014 Haute Couture Show, at least la maison de Valentino can teach Chanel that you don't need to overload embellishment to make pieces look more like Haute Couture.
If you want to check Valentino's A/W 2014 Haute Couture Show, click Here :).

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