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Fool-proof lip balms for extra sensitive lips ( Dr Hauschka vs Clarins vs Chantecaille )

Published by Jasmine Seo

I love the Hot lips ring by Solange Azagury.
Somehow kissable hot lips became a women's romance
throughout the globe.

We even try botox, fillers, lip plumpers..etc.
In fact, we can still do some tricks without cosmetic procedures with some magic called make-up. Even this magic will be impossible without having a good original base! Obviously, hydration and exfoliation are necessary even for our lips.
Accordingly, lips do seem to require some love depending on the types of lips you have.

Most people get hesitant when it comes to changing their skin care or make up products, while I tend to be most careful on using lip products.
I have VERY sensitive lips.
It gets chapped and sore quickly, and I get cold sores very often.
For this reason, I have cut out salt from my dishes long ago, and I have been investing some effort on my lip care!
How sad! I cannot even have popcorn at movie cinema anymore... :(
Anyways, here are five products that are still in my cabinet for S.O.S treatment
(or even daily!)!

Dr Hauschka lip balm

This is my third pot. It feels like an ointment, so I always use Q-tips rather than my finger because of its sticky texture. But once it is applied, it does provide instant shine.
This is way more moisturising and has longer-lasting moisturisation than the stick version (below).
This is not a thick balm; more in between cream and balm texture. Like erm....whipped balm texture?! >_<
It does soothe instantly. However, I am not quite sure about anti-aging effects. I would say this balm is more for soothing treatment rather than preventing wrinkles around lips.

Dr Hauschka lip stick

Easy to apply, I just carry this in my pocket and apply whenever I need.
It instantly moisturises the surface of your lips, but it does not last very long.
Because of this, it feels like you put on a veil on your lips. maybe due to its sun screen factor? Not sure about this. I would say this product is nothing to do with preventing cold sores. Rather the lip balm works better. And if you are after a lip base product, then this is not the right one for you.

Dr Hauschka Labimint Acute Lip Care

If you have used cold sore cream from drug stores before, you will know the texture.
This product has almost the same texture as other cold sore creams on the market. It does tingle when it is applied, and it is very cooling at the same time. Quite minty fresh feeling?! Feels like you put some toothpaste on your lips! LOL, I do not mind it anyways, it feels very fresh. I do not put this on when I have cold sores, but I use this more for a preventative measure. And it works wonder.... As Dr Hauschka claims, this is very purifying and soothing, so highly recommended.

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm

This lip balm is a great year round S.O.S moisturising treatment!
It instantly hydrates and soothes. Very long lasting hydration!
When my lips feel all right, I normally pop this on at night before bed, and my lips look fuller and plumper on the following morning! I have been using this for already three years, and very lovely product indeed!

Chantecaille Lip screen stick

If you have some cash to spend, this is an excellent day time product! It soothes, softens, and moisturises lips. It provides long lasting hydration, and is a beautiful make-up base for your lips. I slightly prefer this one over Dr Hauschka stick one, but both of them are beautiful.

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