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Gucci leather backpack, coin purse and pouch(구찌 백팩, 동전 지갑, 파우치)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Hello everybody~ <3

Thought that I might just make a quick post on a Gucci Backpack (Black Rubber Guccissima Leather Backpack) that I purchased for my mother in December last year as her favour!

But.. in the end, she could not visit us for personal reason, and postponed it till now! :'(

But the great news is she is arriving at Sydney international airport tomorrow morning!

How exciting!!!!

So if she sees this post before she gets on the plane,

And if she not,



Well, basically these are what I have got for her, and she still has not seen these yet! :P
Aww naughty me! You are the first one seeing this before her! Ha!

The main thing is, I found this backpack very durable and practical as a designer brand bag! :O
I am not criticizing that expensive designer brand backpacks are not long lasting.

Well, perhaps it would be proper for me to say that Gucci makes backpack-like backpacks! LOL.

I hope you got what I mean!
Their backpacks are very chic yet quite semi-casual. 
Not just that, their backpacks are very durable and the size is perfect for any occasions except formal ones!
Great for school, holidays, shopping,...etc.
Very practical indeed!

And my mother likes learning and studying, so she still goes to university at her age =_=
She will be doing another postgraduate degree next year!
Hard core learning~

And I am sure that this backpack will hold her books and her laptop very well!


As you might already have noticed, I am very proud of my practical choice once again! :D

Oh, by the way, I have also bought this pouch and coin purse for her mainly just for better organising in the backpack :P. 
And the colour is perfect for my mother's image. 
She looks great in gold beige colour, so I thought she would like these!

And check this cute little coin purse!
In fact, it is heart-shaped!

My little heart

in your everyday backpack

mother :)

Anyways, if you are looking for a gift for somebody who enjoys/needs a backpack OR even as a treat for yourself, I highly recommend this backpack!
You should definitely check this out at any Gucci shop! :)

Now I need to go back and continue to clean this place, otherwise my mother might blow me away tomorrow T_T
Cleaning at very last minute... 
Duh.. Shame on me!
But I have been unwell, so I got an enough excuse, right?! :P


Wish me luck and happy shopping~ ^_^

Where to buy

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