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Lotus Lantern Festival in Busan / 부산 송상현 광장 연등 축제

Published by Jasmine Seo

Buddhism has always been one of the biggest national religions throughout history in Korea and if you visit the country around this time of the year, you can easily find Lotus Lantern festivals here and there.

Since most of my family members live in Busan, we went to SongSangHyeon Square (송상현 광장) to enjoy the Lotus Lantern festival in the evening. There are different locations even in Busan, so you can just pick wherever's the best for your convenience. Although my direct family's catholic, we still enjoy the festive moment to appreciate their artwork and have fun gathering XD.

You can also make a wish by getting a green ribbon for free from the stall, writing your wishes and hanging it on any of the fences that you see other greens hanging :P. All of my family members including my man made wishes on the green ribbon :).

And of course, street food (non-sticky/greasy Hoddeok (호떡))! By the way, you can only get this special one from the white truck as it's only made and sold by the speech-impaired for some reason for long time. So if you get lucky enough to find one, be kind and try it! My man and I really enjoyed it as usual :).

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