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Luminous Pure Aura CC cream SPF30 PA++ by TonyMoly (토니모리 CC 크림 후기)

Published by Jasmine Seo

Images below do not belong to me.

Well, I know that I tend to be a little hesitant 
when I suggest complexion makeup products. It is just part of my personality when I write a post on some particular product. 
I want it to be more universally suitable, closer to "WOW". Honestly, at least to me, there has not been any "WOW" makeup products for complexion from from my ten categories that I always check;

  1. At least SPF 30+?
  2. Buildable?
  3. Blendable?
  4. Long lasting?
  5. No breakouts?
  6. Correcting?
  7. Affordable?
  8. Radiant complexion?
  9. Heat proof?
  10. Easy application?

I have been using and have tried different high end BB/CC creams and tinted moisturisers, but they always have been lacking in at least a few of these ten. Which was very sad since I throw them away  every 12 months and I cannot even finish half of the full size. 
Unlike traditional foundations, for BB/CC creams and tinted moisturisers, 
it is a challenge to find right coverage/colour/texture/SPF at the same time. This TonyMoly's Luminous Pure Aura CC cream SPF30 PA++ comes in one universal shade.

Here is the interesting part; it comes out of the pump in a white coloured viscous cream texture (not runny).

And when you rub this cream into your skin, 
it changes colour according to your skin colour!

I was very skeptical about this when my sister suggested it to me but,

WOW! This is Something!!
I normally have trouble with using BB/CC creams made by Korean companies 
(although they are of excellent quality) purely because of my skin colour! :( You know, how most of Korean people have fair to light skin..... 
mine is a bit darker; 
more close to olivey medium (in winter) to bronzey medium skin (in summer).  Well, at least I am very pleased with the fact that 
I FINALLY found a CC cream that I can finish! :D

Oh, by the way, when I was testing this CC cream
I put it on the top of my hydrating serum, 
and then applied some concealer on my dark spots. 
You do not really need much concealer 
because this CC cream actually gives you very good coverage. 
Once you apply, you might feel "Is this too light?! o.O" if you have darker skin. 
Well, at least that is how I felt. 
However, after half an hour so (just like when you apply sunscreen!), 
you can see that it looks very natural on your skin.

I walked around Sydney from 9am to 10pm 
in 27 degrees to very cold at night (It was winter in Australia, then). 
It stayed on quite well, and it did not make my skin look like a shimmer ball.
Even better, I did not get any breakouts from this CC cream
I only pat my oily T-zone with my rice paper as usual throughout the day 
since I have a combination skin.
I did not see any bizarre reaction on my skin, 
which was excellent because I also have a sensitive skin :/. 
It says on the package that this CC cream is free from nasties, 
so you do not need to worry about talc, parabens, mineral oil...etc. 
(Did you know that even some VERY expensive cosmetics do contain talc? :( )
It provides sun protection, skin lightening, wrinkle correction and 12 hour hydration. 
You can replace your regular primer or make up base to this too.   So if you are on a budget and looking for a high quality product,  you should try out TonyMoly's Luminous Pure Aura CC cream SPF30 PA++ .
You can get this very readily if you live in Asia, but if you not, 
then you can buy it online here.

Hopefully this post might have helped those  who are looking for a quality yet reasonably priced BB/CC cream/tinted moisturiser  with high sun protection! :)  x

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