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Chanel CC Pearl Necklace and Great bargain from ASOS (샤넬 CC 진주 목걸이)

Published by Jasmine Seo

To tell you the truth, this day was hardest day ever in my life! :O Oh, well, it is not like something bad happened to me..:P But more like I needed time for myself to get used to be in THIS COLOUR! T_T That's right, I am not a huge fan of this sort of light colours =_=.... They look nice, I like the colour! It is just not the colour that I would wear because it feels somewhat formal, old-fashioned, square and not practical!:P So I only have a couple of clothes in this sort of colour LOL

Well, I guess that is life, there is no such a thing like "NEVER"!:P

Some huge special occasion came up, and I had to be in this colour.. cream colour.. :) (At least better than white colour, hey! :D)

Pablo Picasso - Girl in front of Mirror:

Choosing the right dress and accessories were hardest bit since I had my firm philosophy when wearing light coloured clothes;

  • You should look like at your age. Not too old, Not too young.
  • Do not make it boring. Not too old-fashioned, Not too trendy.
  • Do not make yourself too formal, nor too casual.
  • Give some hints of "who you are" when styling. ie. reflect yourself!
  • Go easy with shoes and makeup!

And I came up with this look! :P

Just a hint of classiness, feminine touch... and the crochet (girly :P) dress was just like a normal cocktail dress length .. so it effortlessly reflected my cheerful personality! And I matched this with my nude heel.. just to give extra length on my legs :P LOL

Effortless hair! My favourite indeed!:D Hair side plaited, and went neutral with my makeup since my lips and my necklace were two main characters of the day! :D


  • My earrings from Nordstrom with worldwide delivery.
  • CC pearl necklace from Chanel.
  • Crochet dress from ASOS with worldwide delivery.
  • Nude heels from Nordstrom with worldwide delivery.
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