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Much Loved > UGG Brooks tall boots over winter

Published by Jasmine Seo

I have been a HUGE fan of UGG boots ever since I started living in Australia.
Well, my entire family has been in love with UGG boots over 8 years in fact.
UGG products, in general, are made of high quality sheep skin, so they are very cozy,
comfortable and durable (under the condition that you DO look after them :P). 
You can also purchase spare insoles too, so a pair of boots lasts very long.

I purchased a pair of Brooks tall boots from them last year for this winter.
And I MUST say I REALLY REALLY LOVE them! Not surpurisingly, this pair of boots became my most worn boots over the year 2013 and 2014. Definitely these boots are not the most charming looking ones, but they go well with casual outfits.  So I have been wearing boots a lot with my skinny jeans and my knit dresses.

You can purchase these boots at Nordstrom.

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