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My Autumn / Winter Skincare Routine and Overnight Trip Travel Kit ( ft. La Prairie, La Mer & Clarins)

Published by Jasmine Seo

For more details on why I packed these products with me, 
please check my previous post Spring / Summer Vacance Travel Kit! - Part 1: Skin Care-.
I have explained thoroughly how I normally pack my skincare products when I am away! :)
And I am quite sure that you will find answers to most of the questions that you might have, and if you still have further questions, then please do not hesitate to ask me :).

Autumn/Winter in Australia is not too bad compared to other places.
However, we still cannot ignore the fact that it is AUTUMN/WINTER!
i.e. our skin cannot let its guard down from dehydration and UV rays.
You might not have to worry about bacteria and other infections too much in A/W unlike in S/S.
However, you really need to focus on thorough gentle cleansing, mild exfoliation and deep cleansing (NOT harsh) to make a perfect base for your heavier/richer products that you normally tend to put on to prevent dehydration..
And if you are an outdoor person, make sure you put on as much sunscreen as you put on in Summer.
Many people think that it is okay just to rely on SPF from their make up products.
In fact, the amount of UV rays that you get in Winter is very similar to Summer.
So if you have a sensitive/dry skin, then do not skip your daily sunscreen!

Well, that is an enough intro for now, and let's have a look at my kit! :)

Travel Skincare kit
La Prairie & La Mer skin care

In essence, the components are cleanser, toner, eye care product, moisturiser, serum/ampoule (optional), sunscreen, lip care product, and hand cream!
I did not bring my hair shampoo and conditioner since I went to the hair salon and got my hair treated :).
Obviously, your beauty pouch will look different since your components for your specific skin type might require different products. Also it matters how long your trip is going to be.
Nevertheless, these are what I carried on my overnight trip.
By the way, I am on my fourth (last) bottle of Cellular Power Infusionby La Prairie.
I will follow up how I got along with this product once I finish this bottle!
So patience until then :).

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