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My Story

Published by Jasmine Seo
Tagged with: Birthday, Travel

I am very fortunate to have a very understanding family.

My mother always convinced my father and spoke for me whenever I had to make big decisions.

I also have a very darling older sister.

Like other sisters, I always imitated my sister and acted like her, which annoyed her quite a lot.

However, she has never got upset, rather, she always stood there for me.

Whether I got scared or sleepy.

My curiosity and love for others began during my childhood.

I truly believed that there were spirits in every single little object, and I appreciated them.

I had been very dreamy, and I knew that there is more than just this world.

So I stepped outside.

When I discovered a new world that was filled with hope, the trouble began.

I met strangers and could not tell exactly what they were thinking.

Of course, I totally stood out in the beginning. Everyone looked at me with googly eyes.

My journey began, and I had to go through everything without my family's help for the first time.

I got homesick whenever I spent my birthdays without my family.

I also got freaked out from cultural shock.

However, my friends have been helping me to get used to this new world.

We all went through together, and we became one.

With much hardship, we all got to where we dreamed of, university.

I was lucky enough to have great seniors around me, so I could work harder and better without any trouble.

And finally, my friends and I graduated.

We achieved the dream that we shared together.

At night, I got very nostalgic, and began to recall all the memories.

"Will this be the last chapter of my journey..? Is this all I wanted..?"

And then, I realised, I had completely forgotten about my character.

It felt like I was becoming like one of the others.

I suddenly got very scared, because that wasn't what I dreamed of at all.

Simultaneously I was very glad that I found it soon enough to show my true colours.

So I decided to take off my mask,

and was determined to find a way to enlighten those around me.

This doesn't mean that my new philosophy has changed my old habits.

I love sleeping. I like to sleep in.

I love eating and trying out new dishes.

I especially go crazy for noodles.

I love helping any living creatures around me share my world.

I love expressing myself and hugging others.

I love taking care of others and listening to them.

No matter how much I respect and think of my family,

I love going outside to explore a new world.

Whether it is by my own or with others.

All images are from movies by Studio Ghibli.

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