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On board > Overnight In-Flight Skincare -Part 2- / S.O.S Skin Rescue / How to Get a Glowing Skin ( 기내 스킨 케어 / 여행용 화장품 - 2/2 - )

Published by Jasmine Seo

This is the continuing post (part 2) of  On board > Overnight In-Flight Skincare -Part 1-,so if you have not read it yet, then make sure you check it! :)

I hope you all had some sleep in the plane! :)
Trust me, it is still better than no sleep at all! ;)
If you have not had any sleep at all :O, then no worries, I have got some tips for you :P.
In fact, you can even practice this routine as part of your after party/long night/stressed skin rescue. Well, whenever your skin needs some TLC!
You can absolutely repeat the same steps from the previous post, but I do not :P.
I just have fun with using different products if possible! >_<
And it is quite boring in the plane ( I cannot read either, it gives me a very bad headache! :( ), so this is another good way of killing time I guess!

Basically, after the 8-9 hour-long flight, I used the same cleanser and toner (the same process! :P) from On board > Overnight In-Flight Skincare -Part 1-.
Then, I followed with these products! :)

1. Serum & Eye gel/cream

Eye gel/cream is very cooling and helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness. 
This is definitely a must-have product since we all want to look FRESH! :P 
Then, follow with some radiance boosting serum that will make your skin GLOW!
There are so many glow products on the market, so get one of them! 
It does come very handy whenever your skin needs some TLC.
Nice trick! :) 
The one that I used provides instant hydration and glow, so it is unnecessary for me to layer another hydrating serum over my combo skin.

2. Mask

This is optional, but I highly recommend this part! 
You can put on a sheet mask or leave-on cream/gel masks. It is just because we are normally up for washroom to wash off mask. 
Obviously if you fly in first/business class, then it will not be a big problem. 
However, if you fly in economy class, then usually washroom is a little gross! 
You do not want that especially when you lack sleep :P. 
The one that I used was a cream mask. The interesting thing about it is that you massage the cream into your skin, then spritz some mist (whatever you were using in the plane) on your face and massage in again for a few minutes. 
I do this for my entire face, neck and decollete.
I just love this whole ritual really! So relaxing and it feels great! :)

3. Lip Treatment

Put any lip treatment that you like!
I have one here specifically for cold sore lips (as a preventative measure). 
Then, I will apply another layer of thicker lip balm to lock it down.

So, you will probably be getting the second meal very soon! So after this second meal, I will wipe off the mask that I put on with a cotton pad moistened in the mist. 
Or, if your skin feels fine, then you do not really need to wipe off the excess! 
There you go, now you are ready put on some makeup! :)
All skincare posts have been done, so my next post will be on makeup after a long flight. 
Until then, ciao! :)

1. Omorovicza Reviving Eye Cream (On Offer - GWP at the moment), OSKIA Get Up & Glow (On Offer - GWP at the moment)

2. Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist (On Offer - GWP at the moment), Omorovicza Instant Plumping Cream (On Offer - GWP at the moment)

3. Dr Hauschka Labimmint Acute Lip Care

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