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Restaurant Review > Mlejnice in Prague

Published by Daniel

While visiting the Czech Republic I had dinner at the Czech restaurant Mlejnice. The building and decor was very traditional, with ploughs on the roof and other farming implements on the roof and walls and old-style furniture.


There were a lot of options to choose from and it looks like many options for vegetarians including salads and potato-based dishes.


I chose the pork schnitzel which came with a small salad and lemon, as well as grilled vegetables. My friend got the beef goulash in loaf of bread which appeared to be a very popular option from looking around.

The food

I'll often cook chicken schnitzel at home and rarely get a chance to have pork schnitzel so it was nice to have a change. The pork neck schnitzel was much fattier than what I'm used to but not overwhelmingly so, I didn't have any gristle which was the main concern. The grilled vegetables featured spliced eggplant and capsicum. We also both had some ciders which were excellent.

The service was fine, the waitress seemed to be very busy but gave us the attention we needed. I'd definitely recommend Mlejnice if you're in Prague's Old Town and looking for some Czech food, it seems like a very safe option.

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