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Review > Jaybird Tarah Wireless Sport Headphones

Published by Jasmine Seo
Tagged with: Home, Gifts, Travel, Electronics

I picked up a pair of Tarah bluetooth wireless sport headphones at a good price and gave them a spin, here are my thoughts as someone who normally uses wired headphones.

The packaging overall was very well done, maybe reaching into the excessive territory. The box certainly didn't need to be as big as it was.

The sound quality was top notch for earbud style headphones, one of the best I've tried. This makes sense considering the headphones themselves are quite large and are quite visible as a result.

Maybe most people wouldn't have this but I found after an hour or so of wearing the headphones that the rubber attachments that keep the headphones in place would make my ears itchy.

The package also includes 2 other sizes of the rubber attachments and a clip to attach the headphones to your shirt.

Perhaps my favourite thing about the headphones was how nice the charger was, it comes with a short USB attachment that you clip the volume controls into and it stays put. While seemingly proprietary, this seems like a much better system than a standard micro USB setup which can wear out and detach easily.


I still haven't really been convinced that boothtooth headphones are better than wired and these didn't really sway me. The convenience of having the headphones not attached is handy in some respects, but it also results in bulky earbuds because of the bluetooth receiver, the inconvenience of charging them, worrying about them getting lost because they're not attached, and the constant fear of what if the signal drops or battery turns them off in the office and my music starts blasting when I thought they were on.

I will likely just wear these while I'm jogging and opt for my generic wired pair for most other times, the rubber making my ear itchy was quite the deal breaker for me personally.

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