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Hotel Review > New York Hudson at Central Park (Manhattan)

Published by Jasmine Seo
Tagged with: Travel, Hotel, Accommodation

The Hudson at Central Park is located close to the south-western corner of Central Park and is walking distance to landmarks like Times Square and the Rockerfeller Center.

We stayed on the 20th floor in a room with windows facing south in a "Superior" room which is 170 sqft and features a queen bed.

The room was very small, the gap between the bed and the desk was only around 30cm/1foot to give. I thought the wood paneling was a nice touch (and probably a pretty price effective way to make rooms pop).

The bedside lamps barely put out any light.

The bathroom was interesting...? There was a clear wall in between the bedroom and the shower so if the shower curtain and extra curtain were closed and bathroom light was on, you could still make out the toilet when you're on the bed.

One problem we had, which is apparently prevalent in high rises in New York is that the water pressure becomes very low the higher you go up.

I found the elevators to be quite inefficient, it looked like they had 4 active at a time but they all serviced all floors. So in the morning when it was very busy, all elevators would go to top floors, and then stop at basically every single floor only to not be able to let people in which made it even worse. In a way it was good that we were located quite high because we would always get an elevator, but it certainly took a while some mornings.

Ideally a floor close to ground would probably be best, that way you can just take the stairs and you would have better water pressure in the shower as well.

I'd say the Hudson was alright considering the price of nearby hotels in Manhattan. If we visit New York again we may use this hotel again purely for this reason, I think you would be disappointed if you went in expecting an exceptional experience though.

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