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Spring / Summer Vacance Travel Kit! - Part 1: Skin Care

Published by Jasmine Seo

I promised to write a post on my summer holiday travel kit on my bikini post about a month ago. And here we are! :) (Apologies for delay! >_<)

If you have visited Australia before (or live in Australia), you would know how hot it is in summer. :(
Especially in Queensland, it gets very hot and humid at the same time.
Accordingly your skin gets very stressed from both the boiling hot weather and air conditioner.

There are all these dark sides behind a sexy hot summer. Bah. :(
Anywho, No Pain No Gain, we love summer, so let's now talk about what to pack for our holidays!

Part One: Skin Care

[** I have combination skin, i.e. oily on T-zone and normal or slightly dry on the rest. And I get breakouts very easily. Meaning, these products may not work on your skin. ]

These were what I carried with me for my summer holidays at the Gold Coast! I was at Gold Coast just for a few nights, so I just packed light, as little as possible. So if you want to add more on top of these, that's totally fine as long as it works for you and your travelling schedule! :)

1. Cleansing water

: Very important! Removes dirt, sun screen, make up.. Must-have for initial cleansing!

2. Cleanser

: Whatever sort your skin needs for day and night cleansing! Deep/gentle cleansing (cleansing oil)? Sebum/ blemish control (clay cleanser)? Normal fresh cleansing (foaming cleanser)?

3. Mist/ Toner

: For extra hydration and boost, spray on your face throughout the day. For toning and prepping skin for your next skin care regime, use it before your regular serum or/and moisturiser!

** Eye Cream/Gel/Serum

: (Sorry, I took this photo on the last day of my trip and I accidentally threw out my eye cream sample after finishing it! :( So it is not on the photo! ) Eye areas are more delicate and show first signs of aging quicker than other parts along with neck/chest and lips. Choose the right eye cream according to your needs and preferences!

4. Serum

: Hydrating serum? Purifying serum (for sebum/breakout control)? Lightening serum (for pigmentation and evenness)? Soothing serum (for sensitive skin)? Wrinkle correcting and firming serum? (for more mature skin)? You can skip this step if you want. However, serums are way more concentrated than moisturisers, so they are more effective. For oilier skin, you can even use serum instead of moisturisers.

5. Moisturiser

: Emulsion (lighter texture)? Cream (thicker and heavier)? Make sure you know your skin and the weather in your travelling destination. I carried emulsion (for my beauty sleep time), but you might need both or even none of them! So be clever!

6. Sunscreen

: You need to be a bit strategic on this. How long u will be exposed to the sun? How hot/bright is it? ..etc. I have carried one oil free sunscreen (no coverage and no white cast) and one oil free blemish balm with sunscreen (foundation coverage).

7. Sunscreen for Eyes and Lips

: This part is optional, but I always use separate sunscreens. And I believe that whatever you put on your eyes is also safe for your lips, so I have been using the same sun screen for my lips.

8. Lip Balm

: Just like your face and body, you should protect your lips from environmental aggression. You can even choose lip balms with SPF on the market! Have a look at my previous post on lip products for sensitive lips!

** Also, Check Part TWO: Body/Hair Care!

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