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Spring / Summer Vacance Travel Kit! - Part 2: Body / Hair Care

Published by Jasmine Seo

I promised to write a post on my summer holiday travel kit on my_ bikini post_ about a month ago. And here we are! :) (Apologies for delay! >_<)

If you have visited Australia before (or live in Australia), you would know how hot it is in summer. :(
Especially in Queensland, it gets very hot and humid at the same time.
Accordingly your skin gets very stressed from both the boiling hot weather and air conditioner.

There are all these dark sides behind a sexy hot summer. Bah. :(
Anywho, No Pain No Gain, we love summer, so let's now talk about what to pack for our holidays!

** Check my previous post Part One: Skin Care, if you haven't read it yet!

Part Two: Body / Hair Care

[**I have a normal scalp with very long weakened colour treated hair. And I do not suffer from any allergies. i.e. the products that I use may not be the best for you. So check your scalp, hair, body conditions first before you pack!]

These were what I carried with me for _my summer holidays at the Gold Coas_t! I was at the Gold Coast for just a few nights, so I just packed light, as little as possible. So if you want to add more on top of these, that's totally fine as long as it works for you and your travelling schedule! :)

A. Hair Care
** Hair Shampoo
: I did not take this one with me since I just used what the hotel had in the room. But yes, you should take it if you need!

1. Hair Mask / Conditioner
: This is essential for your hair! Depending on a condition of your hair, take some hair conditioner and/or hair mask with you! Your hair gets stressed and damaged very easily, so treat it right! :)

** Hair Cap
: If you need one, take one with you! I just used the one from the hotel that I stayed :).

2.  UV protector for Hair
: This is optional. My hair is very long (down to my waist) and thin, so this is a must-have for me to maintain my hair protection! Lotion type? Mist type? If you are going to take this with you, then spray/apply every few hours or as needed! A cap or a hat will be great company too!

3. Hair Treatment/Oil/Lotion/Cream/Gel/Spray
: This part is very important! Especially, if you are not using hair conditioner (oh, please start using it for your hair!:P), you DO NEED to get some treatment! Gel for fine/thin hair, Oil for all hair types..etc. Just find something that suits your hair needs and your personal preference. I personally like rich texture, but if you like styling your hair daily, you might want to go for something lighter that does not weigh your hair down.

4. Hair Finishing Serum/ Treatment/ Spray
: This is optional. I like to layer some products for my hair since my hair is very dry unlike my skin :( LOL.

5. Hair Brush/Comb
: Did you know that your hair cuticles also get damaged by your old hair brush/comb? If you do not also have a healthy scalp, you should get a hair brush/comb that is gentle for your scalp and hair! And depending on a thickness of your hair, there are many brushes/combs that you can choose! For example, My hair gets tangled very easily even though I have a naturally straight hair. And I have been using a brush that is designed specifically for hair detangling.

B. Body Care
1. Tooth Brush / Floss / Mouthwash
: Important! Some hotels do not equip the room with a tooth brush, so just be prepared :).

2. Body Cleanser and Body Exfoliator/Scrub
: It is very important that you exfoliate your skin before tanning! You want an even tan! :) You can take a body cleanser (cream, gel, bar?) and a body scrub. Or you can even take  an all-in-one product like 'An Exfoliating body Cleanser' or a gentle exfoliating cleansing bar that I took to my trip with me. So make sure you cleanse all the dirt, sweat, and sunscreen on your body before you go to bed!

3. Foot Cream
: Very important if you have an active schedule during your trip! If you are a high heel or flip-flap lover or not a fan of wearing socks, then YOU SHOULD treat your feet! Sorry, no option! :P Maintenance is very significant indeed!

4. Hand Cream
: Just like your feet, please do not neglect your lovely hands! They work hard and they deserve some treatment! :D You seriously need to make putting a hand cream as one of your habits! :P You can even choose hand creams on the market which has an SPF rating, so just grab whatever suits you! :)

5. Bust Treatment
: This is an optional part, but if you are keen on slowing down your skin aging process, then you should get a bust treatment! Enhancing Volume? Lifting? Hydrating? Gel texture? Lotion texture? Cream? There are many different ones in the market, so have a look!

6. Deodorant
: Well, you know your body! So if you need this, then take it! :P I do not sweat much genetically, so I normally do not need to use Deo. Oh, lucky me! XD But you do not know what can happen, so I carry this in summer just in case!

7. Body Moisturiser / Oil
: Again, you cannot skip this step. I know, it feels a bit sticky and lazy to put on a moisturiser or an oil on your body in summer. But it is very important since you can easily get sensitised skin, horrible cellulite or saggy skin if you ignore. If you prefer an oil, you can put it on right after your shower when your skin is still a little wet. And then you can wash it off with cool/cold water to get rid of excess oil that has not absorbed into your skin. Alternatively, if you are a moisturiser person, then get a fast absorbing light emulsion type or gel type body products! This way, it feels lighter, and it will not peel off when you apply your body makeup/ body sunscreen! :)

8. Tooth Paste
: Just take whatever you use! :) Some hotels/resorts do offer tooth paste, and the others don't. So take it just in case!

9. Muslin Cloth/Sponge
: Optional! But if you are a tool lover, then you will need this. Using a muslin cloth when you shower will gently exfoliate your skin as well, which is very important if you want an even tan! Sponges are very gentle, so they're great for sensitive and sensitised skins! Or you can use these when you wash your face even, so why not taking them! :)

10. Sunscreen
: VERY VERY important! Just like your face, you should protect your body from harmful UV rays! Once your body starts aging, it is very hard to fix completely! :(. Religious maintenance is the only way to prevent/improve your skin texture/tone. Especially if you have a sensitive / sentised / dry / dehydrated / pale / light coloured skin, then you definitely need this! Obviously you need sunscreen for an even tan as well! There are products like moisturiser+ SPF or tanner+ SPF, so just check the shops and see if you find what you have been after :).

A. Hair Care
1. Aveda Sun Care After Sun Hair Treatment Masque 2. Wella SP Sun Concentrate 3. Phyto 9 Daily Ultra Nourishing Cream 4. Schwarzkopf Professional Seah Hair Spa Cashmere Tips Sealing Elixir  5. Tangle Teezer 

B. Body Care
1. Oral B 2. Molton Brown Body Cleansing Bar (I took this one from the previous trip to Sydney.) 3. Caudalie Vinotherapie Foot Beauty Cream 4. Caudalie Vinotherapie Hand and Nail Cream 5. Clarins Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel 6. Biotherm Deo Pure Antiperspirant Roll-on 7. Sisley Celluli-Pro Anti-Cellulite Body Care 8. GoSmile Lemonade Smile Whitening Protection Fluoride Toothpaste 9. The Konjac Sponge 10. UV Everyday Sports SPF 30+

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