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Biggest Gift with Purchase (+samples) at! (ONLINE ONLY)
Hi, everyone! We all know that Nordstrom delivers great deals and customer service, but I'm here today to quickly let you know that there's a HUGE gift with purchase...
Nordstrom is recalling The Honest Company Organic Baby Powder
Well, it's always very annoying that Nordstrom's product recall page isn't very obvious on their website. Regardless, The Honest Company, more widely known as Jessica Alba'...
Spring's here! New blog & Some cute moments of Yuna and Yena during packing
Hello everyone! :) I hope all of you have been enjoying the spring weather, although it hasn't been that sunny here compared to last year :P. I have a few things to...
Post #100: A new look and a new pup
Hi, everyone! :D I have several announcements today! How exciting! XD First and foremost, this is my 100th post. Yaaaaay >_< Second, I've renamed my blog and given it a...