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VI Peel Review > Day 2

Published by Jasmine Seo

In the Morning

My neck area felt slightly itchy, but not a big deal.

Sleepy Face

In the Afternoon

The tightness spread not entirely but more localised around my mouth, my cheek area, in the middle of my eyebrows and in the middle of my forehead. You can feel that it’s sort of getting dried, just a minor discomfort. I didn’t need to re-apply protectant on top.

In the Evening

After washing, my skin texture felt a bit rough. It felt more like the top layer of my skin was about to peel off. Not surprisingly, shortly after using the final post peel towelette, I noticed that bits around my nose started to come off. Not major, just a bit patchy. Also around my jaw area started getting itchy.

Slightly reddened skin after Moisturising

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