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When KARL LAGERFELD meets Barbie!

Published by Jasmine Seo

I don't know Karl Lagerfeld in person ( sadly :'( ),  but I do admire and appreciate all the work he has done to bring fashion to  not just Chanel, but the world. Indeed, I love his own unique style in particular. 
So, being a Barbie collector, I was very much looking forward to  this year's Karl Lagerfeld Barbie doll! You really have no idea how much  I've been waiting for this to happen!! >_<

And guess what... it's literally all sold out... so... I couldn't get one... which is very sad indeed... This is why it took me a few days to recover and come up with the big decision to talk
about how depressed I am in this post T_T...

I tell you what,  the sadder thing is that people who were lucky enough to get the dolls are selling them  on Ebay for ridiculous prices.. I mean, Karl Lagerfeld by himself is priceless. 
What bothers me the most is that if they didn't want to keep the doll,  either as a Karl mania or a Barbie collector, they shouldn't have bought them...  Making money out of Karl Lagerfeld's fame is fine, it's understandable..  but they shouldn't have taken away a life time opportunity for all Karl mania  and Barbie collectors this way... We all know that they are limited edition  so the company only produces a limited quantity.
Well.. at least I have Mon Shu Girl holiday collection that I purchased in 2012.. T_T It's better than nothing, hey >_< Perhaps I should make a post about the collection when I'm done organising and  unpacking my place! XD Hope all of you are having a wonderful week!

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