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Yena's Arrival

Published by Jasmine Seo
Tagged with: Pets

Our new border collie puppy arrived at the airport at 2am, but we were only able to pick her up at 3am. It must have been so tiring for her, the original flight got canceled after she had already been dropped off so it was delayed by 5 extra hours. She spent a total of 18 hours with the airline!

But yes, she arrived safely \(^_^)/

When we got home, Yuna was obviously half asleep and she didn't realise the fact that her half-sister was about to arrive! So when she first came out she was very busy investigating the newcomer. Sniffing around and even getting a bit jealous due to the fact that she was not the only puppy in the house anymore.

But Yuna has a very friendly nature so she wasn't too aggressive or threatening towards Yena. Yena shares the same nature so we let them have a little play session so they could get to know each other. So we brought out some of Yuna's favourite toys to help relieve Yuna's anxiety.

Yena trying to join Yuna's play session with daddy from J Imms on Vimeo.

But finally Yena got found Yuna's black bone which is one of the hardest toys to chew and clearly it bothered Yuna a little bit.

So when Yuna was getting some rest, Yena started to focus on another one of Yuna's favourites; the giant rawhide bone! Once again, one of the toughest things to chew and she didn't manage to break any bits off of it. That didn't stop her from loving every second.

11 week old puppy enjoying the giant rawhide! from J Imms on Vimeo.

There's no way that Yuna would accept this.

So we decided to give Yena a small rawhide that we got just for her. Which is much easier for puppies to chew. We think she liked it a lot more because she could actually eat it. It still takes her about 30 minutes to finish though!

Yena and mini rawhide! from J Imms on Vimeo.

Even when the sun rose, they did not relent and continued to pursue the big rawhide.

Yuna isn't happy with Yena taking her rawhide! :P from J Imms on Vimeo.

But it looks like our loving Yuna was starting to like her half-sister. Blood is thicker than water hey, they started playing a lot more with each other.

Yena(11 week old) and Yuna (10 month old) from J Imms on Vimeo.

Yena likes her a lot too. So when Yuna was being a little big naughty and in her crate, she went into her crate to take a nap next to her sis'.

Yena gets really bored when Yuna is tired, so instead of letting her sleep she jumps on Yuna to wake her up.

And whenever she's naughty like this she flashes us this look.

Now it's time to go to sleep, so Yuna and Yena go to their house. This is standard procedure for Yuna, but it's the first time for Yena so she struggled a bit, howling for a minute or two before collapsing from the exhaustion brought on by the busy day.

Thanks for reading!

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