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Alexander Wang Knit Dress and Chocolateria San Churro in Darling Harbour, Sydney

Published by Jasmine Seo

Image featured: Darling Harbour in Sydney & Vincent Van Gogh - Starry Night over the Rhone

Evening view at Darling Harbour was very B-U-tiful!

It was very crowded too.

You might have noticed from the photos, YES, I have been shopping!

In fact, my man and I were sort of exhausted from too much tourism(?!) in Sydney! Ha!:P

And we were urgently looking for some place where we can have a sit and relax a bit.

Guess where we chose!

Chocolateria San Churro!

Yum.....Muy rico!!!!

Me gusta los churros!!!!!! :D jeje


It was not a very romantic choice, but we are not very into drinking.

So it was totalmente perfecto!!

Does my outfit fit in this Churro place?:P

Definitely not!

But I love dressing up, so why bother! :P

This beautiful timeless ribbed knit dress is by Alexander Wang.

I love this asymmetric hem, and it fits beautifully...!

Alexander Wang is genius indeed!

Who would not like his clothes?

So chic and modern!

Unfortunately the dress is very delicate, so I do not think I can wear this as often as I would like :(.

As you might have already noticed, I totally forgot to pack my strapless nude push up bra..

aaaaaaaaargh! >:-((

So please excuse me!

The finish of this look can vary depending on your choice on make up, shoes, hair style, accessories..etc. but I chose modern chic look this time.

Talking of my tote bag, some of you might be guessing why I did not go with a clutch. The answer to that is simply because;

  • I had to carry my umbrella, sunscreen etc.. because of the crazy weather.
  • my man does not want to carry a clutch for me, but this bag :(
  • we have been shopping!

So if I were back home, I would have carried a clutch! :) (And it will feel more elegant and classy!)

Anyways, I also tried to match the colours of my toe nails, my bag, and my wide belt to purple for more harmonious look.

This look is great for any occasions; dating, parties, formal occasions..etc.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend, everybody!



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