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Restaurant Review > Ippudo Sydney Westfield
While in Sydney I couldn't help but eat at Ippudo which I visited while in Tokyo last year. If you're not familiar, Ippudo [] is a...
KOREAN AIR > Prestige Business Class ( SYD <-> ICN ) & DAVI Skin Care ( 대한항공 > 프리스티지 비스니스 클래스 & 다비 스킨케어 )
Somehow I messed up with my blog posting schedule, and finally here I am with this XD. ( Trust me, I've been meaning to post this a while ago >_<.) I...
Rydges Hotel at Sydney International Airport
_Read more about _The Darling Hotel in Darling Harbour [] and The Astral Tower in Darling Harbour []...
The Star Review > The Astral Tower in Darling Harbour, Sydney
_Read more about _The Darling Hotel in Darling Harbour []. In fact, my man and I wanted to stay at The Darling [http://www.thedarling....
The Star Review > The Darling Hotel in Darling Harbour, Sydney
I have taken some photos of thestandard room with court yard view [] where my man and I were staying at The Darling [] in...
Alexander Wang Knit Dress and Chocolateria San Churro in Darling Harbour, Sydney
Image featured: Darling Harbour in Sydney & Vincent Van Gogh - Starry Night over the Rhone Evening view at Darling Harbour was very B-U-tiful! It was very crowded too. You might have noticed...