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Casual Night Out and Meooooooooow >_<

Published by Jasmine Seo

Hello everyone! :) I've been meaning to make this post a while ago, but I somehow never had a chance make it :S I know..naughty me! Meow! >:-(
Anywho, my man and I went out with our friends to a Turkish restaurant a few weeks ago :). The dishes were great and we had lots of fun! So I thought I might share some photos and videos with you! :) Oh, and for my makeup, I will put full list of products that I've used down below if you were wondering :P. Enjoy! xx

This is the look that I've chosen for night out! :)

With my man and I.. at the Turkish restaurant >_< <3

I just thought this was very pretty! XD

After dining, we all headed to one of our friends' place! And guess who were greeting us! >_< 3 OMG.. These kitties, seriously they were very beautiful <333

This is me in such excitement, trying to communicate with one of the kitties XD

My first encounter with a Kitty cat >_ from Jasmine Imms on Vimeo.

And talking of Meow >_< Here's a friend of mine's cousin!  Whose Meow better? Mine or His? >_< LOL

[Meoooow..]( from [Jasmine Imms]( on [Vimeo](

Lastly, here are the makeup products that I've used!

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