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My Skin care Regime when Moving in Late Winter (ft. Essence of the Sun)
It has already been a few weeks since my man and I moved to the new place :). I actually put up some cute photos of Yuna and Yena [
Casual Night Out and Meooooooooow >_<
Hello everyone! :) I've been meaning to make this post a while ago, but I somehow never had a chance make it :S I know..naughty me! Meow! >:-( Anywho, my...
On board > Overnight In-Flight Makeup ( ft. By Terry, La Prairie, Chanel & Dior )
This is the continuing postOn board > Overnight In-Flight Skincare -Part 1- []and On board > Overnight In-Flight Skincare -Part 3-/ S.O.S Skin...
On-board > Overnight In-Flight Skincare -Part 1- ( 기내 스킨 케어 / 여행용 화장품 - 1/2 - )
For more details on why I packed these products with me, please check my previous postSpring / Summer Vacance Travel Kit! - Part 1: Skin Care- [