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How I use Face Oils

Published by Jasmine Seo

I thought I would share with you how I enjoy my face oils in different ways :).
Hope you find this post helpful!

Kahina Giving Beauty, Olie Biologique & Melvita Argan Oil

1. To increase the efficacy of your skin care regimen by boost hydration level

After washing your face, apply a few drops while your skin is still a bit damp. And you can continue with your skin care regimen.

2. To be mixed in your hydrating mask

Whether it’s a wash-off, wipe-off or leave-on type hydrating mask, you can add oil for more extra comfort and intense hydration for a more spa-like experience. The ideal ratio that I recommend is normally 1 (oil): 3 (mask), but I sometimes do 2 (oil) : 3 (mask) when my skin feel very tight and dehydrated. If you add oil, I also suggest you leave it on a bit longer than usual before wiping or washing off.

John Masters Organics Pomegranate Facial Nourishing Oil & Hydrating Mask

3. To be layered under your moisturiser

In general, oils that you can put underneath your regular moisturiser are very light-textured and fast-absorbing with less oiliness and not leaving that traditional mask-like veil on top. So normally it says on the packaging saying ‘apply under your moisturiser’ and / or ‘as a serum / concentrate’ etc. This is mostly due to the size of the molecule, so even if you don’t see such instructions on the box, just test a drop on your skin. If it penetrates fast without leaving a noticeable veil, then you can use it as a serum or even layer over your regular serum that you use.

4. To be layered over your moisturiser

This is the more traditional usage of facial oils. It’s a great way to provide extra comfort and hydration while sealing in all the skin care you put on underneath. And if you live in a very windy or cold climate, a veil of face oil will provide extra protection from external forces.

5. To be used alone

If you are a skin care minimalist, and you want to just use one product, then here’s how. You should make sure you get a right face oil, preferably a fast-penetrating light liquidy type. First, use toner or facial spray. Then, while your skin is still slightly moistened, warm a few drops of oil in between your palms and press in starting from your cheeks to your T-zone and Neck area. Give it a minute or two for absorption. Again, take the same amount or how much ever you think your skin needs and repeat the process. At this step, if you are going to put sunscreen or primers on top, you probably want to put less oil than what you normally put on at night. However, if you are doing facial massage, then put a more generous amount when you layer over it.

6. To be mixed in your primer and / or foundations / BB / CC creams

To give a bit of a healthy glow and extra comfort, use a drop or two. For better blend-ability, you will have to check beforehand if the formula of your complexion enhancers are mixable with oil. I don’t recommend adding oil if you use mattifying products. And note that if you add oil, the coverage won’t be the same.

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