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Review > Facial Massage at Essence of the Sun

Published by Jasmine Seo

I’ve noticed that facial massage doesn’t seem to be that common compared to body massage here. So it took quite a while to find a place which does facial massage. Luckily I found a facial massage place called Essence of the Sun in Downtown, Seattle. Susan (the owner) does both face and body massage and you can choose times from as little as 15 minutes to 90 minutes. There are packages as well which give nice discounts, but I thought I would try first and decide later.

The waiting room

So I booked for a 60 minute facial massage online and went there with my man in the morning :)

In the elevator before the massage

I was a bit concerned at the beginning since I’ve always felt that western massage therapists or even facialists generally don’t go very intense.

Regardless, we met Susan at her office and I was guided to her treatment room.

We first sat and talked about what I really want from the session. She also asked me about any health concerns, but I don’t particularly have any problems so I just mainly told her about how my jaw and neck area can get quite stiff. So we decided to mainly focus on facial muscles rather than doing lymph drainage massage since I asked for an intense facial massage rather than gentle one. I guess you can say that my massage was pretty customised.

The bed was comfortable and the session in general was very pleasant. I liked her strength as well. It wasn’t weak, nor too strong, which was just great :). She was very fun and the hour passed so fast :(. Indeed my face and neck area felt much better too.

After massage

I ended up getting the 3x session package XD. Oh, by the way, she uses massage oil straight on your face, so if you put on make-up you probably want to take it off beforehand. And if you have a dry skin, you also want to carry your own moisturiser to apply after the session :). I would say Essence of the Sun is perfect for those who want just a massage, without spending time lying down with a mask on :P. Well, it makes sense since Susan isn’t a facialist but a massage therapist XD. If you are interested, then you should go to her website and check the services that she offer :).

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