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Warren G. Magnuson Park Off Leash Dog Area Review (Seattle, WA)
Magnuson off leash dog park is about 10 to 15 min away from the University District by car, and your family dog can also get access to water if he or she likes...
Willis Tucker Off-leash Dog Park Review (Snohomish, WA)
Although our regular go-to off-leash dog park is in Redmond, we decided to try out Willis Tucker Off-leash dog park as it seemed to be a nice one to visit if you go...
Patagonia Review > Lightweight Atom 8L Sling Backpack for everyone (Couple matching bags)
I'm not a sporty bag type person in general, but I discovered Patagonia Atom 8L Sling Backpack [
Scriber Lake Park Review (Lynnwood, WA)
We stopped by Scriber Lake Park on our way to Wilcox Park [] as they are closely located to each other. This was our very first time visiting Scriber...
Wilcox Park Review (Lynnwood, WA/ Ft. Flexi & Kong/ #LoveYourPetDay)
If you have a dog or a child, and regularly shop at HMart (Asian grocers') in Lynnwood, I suggest you visit Wilcox Park on the way just to get some fresh air...
Redmond Restaurant Review > Matts' Rotisserie & Oyster Lounge at Redmond Town Center
I hope every one of you had a great Thanksgiving! :) It's Black Friday here in the States, so everyone around me seems to feel very festive already as the real holiday...
La Prairie Review > Platinum Rare Spa Facial & Shopping Haul (Ft. Clé de Peau Beauté Make-up & Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Show)
It's that time of knocking the door to the Autumn again, which always somewhat reminded me of what I should've done over sweet Summer :3. I've been...
Santouka Review > Hokkaido Ramen (Japanese noodle house in Bellevue)
My man and I decided to have Japanese ramen for dinner as we both just wanted something not spicy for change. We've been to Santouka before, but I personally didn'...
West Paw Design Review > Zogoflex Zisc Frisbee (Ft. Our Border Collie Yena's 2nd Birthday)
The power of time is indeed incredible, I can really feel our Yena has been acting much more mature than last year. She even now knows when I start and finish doing my...
La Prairie Lineless Future Event & Ben-Amun Pearl Necklace (Ft. Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show)
I can really feel that Spring is here again as Nordstrom is holding a Beauty Trend Show :). My man got the tickets through the La Prairie counter last week for us, which was...