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Getting Pampered! New Hair Cut & Japanese Gel Nail (Ft. Hunter, Yuko's & Y's Nail)

Published by Jasmine Seo

The temperature dropped down quite a bit and it has been raining on and off this week, so I had to wear something warm as I get cold very easily. I was thinking of wearing a trench coat, then I switched my mind and took out my Hunter duffle coat that I purchased last year instead XD.

I know I've been obsessed with duffle coats since I was young, and that's one of the things that I try not to purchase when I shop as I have most of the designs in the same category. However, Hunter duffle coat is light and water-resistant, which I convinced myself to get since I live in Washington :P. It's also in a unique unusual colour and has interesting details here and there in the coat. Oh, it has very deep pockets, which I've been enjoying the whole time XD. LOL.

Anyways, my hair's getting a bit too long that it has been irritating back of my neck. So, my man and I decided to see our hair designer Yuko who used to run Adore Hair Salon in the international district. She moved her salon to Sola Salon Studios in Bellevue, which is even better for us now that we live in the east side <3.

We arrived a bit earlier than our appointment time, so we waited at The French Bakery, having coffee.

Oh, and my man and I got some little gifts for Yuko too! <3


After a nice warm coffee, my man was trying a new hair style and getting his hair cut first :3.

I must say Yuko's very precise and straightforward when it comes to hair, which is the reason why we've been seeing her for the past a few years XD. She knows what kind of hair style / colour suits you the best considering your hair condition, life style..etc.

Yuko and I had a bit of discussion on what we would do about my haircut, and we decided to go shorter :3. And it turned out pretty awesome! <3

Guess what! She gave me a box of biscuits as for my birthday present :D. Thank you <3 They were indeed very delicious without being too sweet <3


With our fresh new look, we headed to Y's Nail to get my nail done with Yoko >_<.

Yuko told me great things about her sense of creativity and art, so I've been looking forward to meeting Yoko to get my gel nail :D. She was very pleasant and friendly and we had so much fun chatting!

And here's what we got <3 Simply beautiful! XD

It's nothing though :P. You should check out her blog and see her work! Just amazing and very detail oriented :).

Yoko also gave me lots of lollies that I could share with my man, which was very generous of her <3 Thank you, Yoko :)

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