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Patagonia Review > Lightweight Atom 8L Sling Backpack for everyone (Couple matching bags)
I'm not a sporty bag type person in general, but I discovered Patagonia Atom 8L Sling Backpack [
Redmond Restaurant Review > Matts' Rotisserie & Oyster Lounge at Redmond Town Center
I hope every one of you had a great Thanksgiving! :) It's Black Friday here in the States, so everyone around me seems to feel very festive already as the real holiday...
Bellevue Restaurant Review > Baron's Xi'an Kitchen & Bar (Chinese cuisine)
After a bit of shopping at Bellevue Square, my man and I headed to Lincoln Square to try Baron's Xi'an Kitchen & Bar for dinner. We were quite surprised...
La Prairie Review > VIP lunch at Palomino & little gifts (Ft. Androgynous look/ Burberry)
As I briefly mentioned in my recent visit to Nordstrom for the annual Fall beauty event [] , there was a lunch gathering for La Prairie VIP clients in Bellevue....
La Prairie Review > Platinum Rare Spa Facial & Shopping Haul (Ft. Clé de Peau Beauté Make-up & Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Show)
It's that time of knocking the door to the Autumn again, which always somewhat reminded me of what I should've done over sweet Summer :3. I've been...
Bellevue Art Festival & New Nail Art (Ft. Y's Nail)
I can really feel that proper Summer finally arrived in WA, so I decided to try a more festive Summery design for my nails this time. Although I haven't been able...
Santouka Review > Hokkaido Ramen (Japanese noodle house in Bellevue)
My man and I decided to have Japanese ramen for dinner as we both just wanted something not spicy for change. We've been to Santouka before, but I personally didn'...
West Paw Design Review > Zogoflex Zisc Frisbee (Ft. Our Border Collie Yena's 2nd Birthday)
The power of time is indeed incredible, I can really feel our Yena has been acting much more mature than last year. She even now knows when I start and finish doing my...
Dior Review > Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion Foundation SPF 35 PA+++ (Tips)
Hi, everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter break whether you celebrate or not :). I went out with my man this weekend to get my nail art done at Y'...
La Prairie Lineless Future Event & Ben-Amun Pearl Necklace (Ft. Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show)
I can really feel that Spring is here again as Nordstrom is holding a Beauty Trend Show :). My man got the tickets through the La Prairie counter last week for us, which was...