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Gift idea >Tangle Teezer Hello Kitty Compact Styler Hair Brush

Published by Jasmine Seo

The weather has been getting warmer and nicer outside, and I was getting worried about my little niece getting bored, staying at home most of the time other than few walks during the day. And I have been trying to send a package to her each month just to give her some nice surprises.

She's still only 6 years old, so I've been trying to support her active mind with art and some gifts😎. And I found this cute Tangle Teezer Hello Kitty Compact Styler Hair Brush, and I thought, Why not😉 She loves Hello Kitty, and she really looks after her hair. Her hair hits her waistline already!

I have been using Tangle Teezer for almost a decade now, and I'm still using my animal printed compact hair styler, which I've featured in one of my old blog posts years ago if I remember correctly. Anyway, it detangles gently, and I really like the fact that I can use it even when my hair's still wet.

Looking after the hair brush is also very easy as I just take hair off from the brush once every couple of days, and just wipe off with my towel after showering. That's all I've been doing, and it lasts for years. It's also very convenient to carry around and really love the grip of it.

I'm actually quite tempted to get more for my older sister and my mum as they both love Hello Kitty. There are different designs of those Hello Kitty compact hair brushes, so I think I might actually do that. I think it's a good gift for Mother's day too or any occasions really😗.

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