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Gift idea >Tangle Teezer Hello Kitty Compact Styler Hair Brush
The weather has been getting warmer and nicer outside, and I was getting worried about my little niece getting bored, staying at home most of the time other than few walks during the...
Gift Idea > Mugs for Animal & Nature Lovers
Hi everyone!🌹 I'm writing a quick post just to let you know that mugs are now available for purchase at my shop []. They come in two different sizes...
Chantecaille Review > Gold Recovery Mask (Revitalising Treatment/ Menopause)
Chantecaille Gold Recovery Mask is a new addition to their Nano Gold Collection [], and I had to try it out as I really like Chantecaille Nano Gold...
La Mer Review > The Lip Balm (Tips/ Lip make-up base/ Ft. Vaseline Lip Therapy Original)
I've been always very much more into lip care products, not necessarily lip make-up products since my adolescence. I have gone through quite a lot of high-end to high street lip...
Review > Ridge Wallet
I got into the habit of carrying my wallet around in my backpack as it was so bulky and didn't really fit into my pants well. This has caused some issues...
Sisley Review > Sisleÿa L'Integral Eye & Lip Contour Cream & Massage Tool (New/ Tips)
I've gone through many bottles of Sisley Sisleÿa Eye and Lip Contour Cream [] even way before its renewal. I was actually a little furious when they...
Kat Burki Review > Complete B Vital Hydration Face Mask (Tips)
I've been repurchasing Kat Burki Complete B Vital Hydration Face Mask over the past few years as it seriously works. The emolient yet creamy mask spreads very easily onto skin and...
Joules Review > Right as Rain Dog Print Hooded Raincoat (Matching coat with your child/ Animal lovers)
Just after I got my Joules Dog Print Hooded Poncho [
Majestic Pet Review > Villa Bagel Dog Bed (52 inch/ X-Large/ Ft. border collies & Yena's 3rd birthday)
Our very first pet bed Majestic Pet Original Cotton Bagel Dog Bed [] that we bought initially started getting too worn due to so much love from our border collies...
Olie Biologique Review > 001 Balancing Oil (Huile Parfaite/ Tips/ PMS Skincare)
I'm not sure if any of you might remember, but I wrote a review on Olie Biologique Argan Oil [] on New Year's Day last...