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Gift Ideas for starcraft Lovers!

Published by Jasmine Seo

Bon weekend, everyone!

I have to confess again (LOL. It feels like I make a weekly confession :P),

I have been very lazy with blog posts since I have been playing some games! :P
Yes, it was a period of month = gaming period!

So I thought, maybe I should do some posts on a few games that I have been playing!



World of Warcraft (aka WoW)

Oh, you should keep in mind that this is the first part of gift ideas for anyone who likes gaming. You can even matching for fun!

First and foremost, I should let you know that Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm will be released next month (if you already know, High 5!! Otherwise, well, you still have some time to sort it out! :P).

So if you are into collector's or even just a regular one,
you should pre-order it now!

Yes, that's right! So this is the first gift idea! :)

Already, I have a feeling that this one will be my fav amongst other Starcraft editions since it is in purple!!! Love the colour! XD
Very pretty indeed!

And here are alternatives.. or extras.. :)
Oh, if you are not a fan of Zerg, then you might not like this part :(.
But the Zerg are an epic race in Starcraft, so don't hate them so much!
>_< hehe.

Number One!

Matching Shirts! (or even separate..:) )

Crong from Pororo and I

My man and I have bought these shirts last year, but they have been well worn XD.
The material is quite durable, so they did not get stretched much even after many washing.
Obviously love the colour combination! XD

If you like the shirt that I am wearing, then you can buy it from here.
And my man's shirt is here. (If you prefer red colour, you can also buy it here.)

New design

I also see that they have brought a new design out! +_+
Quite similar to old ones, but more matching with Heart of the Swarm!
In fact, I might get one of these ones as well! LOL.

This one is for women, but obviously the men's version is more roomy/unlined like in the picture above.

So now... you might be thinking..

how about babies?

Don't worry!
You can also make them join you! :P

I think this is such an ingenius idea! XD.
How cute! Zergling together!
Meoooow XD

Finally, here is the last idea!
If you are after something more practical and durable.
Here is a Starcraft messenger bag!

I cannot imagine any women would carry this bag though.
The bag is very spacious, and my man has been enjoying this bag all last year!

Hope this post was helpful, and I will post Part 2 as soon as I can! :)

Until then, have fun gaming, and I shall do some battlegrounds now!

As usual, have a wonderful weekend!


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