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LEGO Creator: MINI Cooper

Published by Jasmine Seo

All behold the LEGO Creator: MINI Cooper! That's my collector's Herve Leger Barbie Doll in the background.

Isn't it glorious? ^_^

I got beauty for my man 2 months ago (it was really for me though LOL) who proceeded to spend an hour or so happily building away.

The details on the car are the best thing about this model, there's a removable roof, movable gear stick and brake, an opening boot with a tire and luggage, the list goes on. Check out all the tiny details below!

Beautiful checkered seats make the car feel more unique and interesting.

The front of the vehicle has all the regular things you would expect in a car; a turnable steering wheel, movable hand brake and gear stick, speedometer, radio, AC (this one doesn't work ;) ) and more. The interior of the doors even match the seat covers!

The adjustable headrests are nice :)

Pulling forward the front seats reveals the rear of the car.

Cracking open the hood (or bonnet) reveals a fairly convincing looking engine.

Here's a shot of the front of the car, one of my favourite parts of the whole thing was the fact that it came with several authentic looking license plates, one of them was for ACT, Australia - where I used to live!!

The boot (or trunk) opens up too and the set comes with a picnic set and a water bottle.

It's not done there though, pull open the base of the trunk to reveal a spare tire ^_^


Overall I'm pretty impressed with the details that has gone in to this model and it was fun to watch it being put together. The pack also comes with a tiny version of the same car which would be great to give to the kids if you have one that loves LEGO as much as you.

This LEGO pack is marked as "Expert" 16+, I'd recommend it for any children over 10 who have the patience to build it and also can appreciate cars, and of course the builder-type partners. You can buy it now at LEGO online shop.

Paddington Bear is having a picnic!

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