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Love Pups? :) Poodle and Yorkie Cookie Jars!

Published by Jasmine Seo

Although I love Scottish Folds (kitty) the most, my man and I still love pups!
Well, he favours the Shih Tzu, I always find Maltese x Shih Tzu better looking! :P
Chihuahua is sooooo cute too! They look quite unreal, don't they? XD

Anyways, I found these cool looking cookie jars for my man last year, so I thought it might be good to share with puppy lovers! :D We bought Poodle and Yorkie ones, and they look very
You can still get the Poodle one, but I am not quite sure if you can get the Yorkie jar anymore though. I bought the Yorkie jar around Christmas, so make sure you check with Neiman Marcus to see if they still have it!

They are made of heavy ceramics ( all handcrafted ), and they don't look cheap at all! ( Sorry, it feels quite awkward calling pups cheap or not =_=.... ) They're great for decorating the table! Also excellent as a gift! We adore them, and highly recommended!

There are other sorts ( St. Bernard and Elephant ) on Neiman Marcus webiste, so have a look!

**Where to get;
Yorkie Cookie Jar Poodle Cookie Jar St. Bernard Cookie Jar Elephant Cookie Jar

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