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Marc Jacobs's Final Louis Vuitton Show Spring/Summer 2014.....:(...:'(

Published by Jasmine Seo

If you have been reading my previous posts,  you might have guessed how much I ADORE Marc Jacob's works!  His ingenious ideas have always overwhelmed me in every collection.  The beauty of his collections was he could literally inspire your soul as an artist..  music, settings, clothes.. everything blends all together and becomes a piece of art!  Like a film! 
It is indescribable to explain how I feel once I found that he is no longer be a creative director at Louis Vuitton....  Personally, I was a fan of LV purely because of Marc Jacob's artistic touch on LV pieces..  But now... 
I am just very depressed that I will not be seeing his creative stunning pieces at LV... 
I am sorry,  but LV,  you have just lost one massive fan as Marc Jacobs stepped out the door.... :(
It is like when Tom Ford left Gucci.... and when Alexander McQueen committed suicide... Je suis très triste...:(   I just hope that Karl Lagerfeld will stay at Chanel FOREVER...
Anyways, it is just too depressing even to think about... I just appreciate all these designers' artistic views and I truly enjoy every season..
Well, to cherish everything that Marc Jacobs did for LV,  I put his final LV show here.. I also attach my favorite show of all time while he was at LV.. Even the music suits my mood at the moment...  It describes all... :/

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