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S/S 2013
Marc Jacobs's Final Louis Vuitton Show Spring/Summer 2014.....:(...:'(
If you have been reading my previous posts,  you might have guessed how much I ADORE Marc Jacob's works!  His ingenious ideas have always overwhelmed me in every collection.  The beauty of his...
My Most Worn Contour-Quilted Hip-Length IRE Puffer Jacket by MONCLER (몽클레르)
I am not a very puffer jacket person, in general I prefer leather jackets. However, I thought that I should introduce you to the MONCLER IRE puffer jacket  that I got into early...
STRIPES to die for... Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer Collection 2013
Featured image: Claude Monet  < A Woman with Parasol > I love Spring and Summer!     I love Marc Jacobs! He is one of the ingenious designers that I like! He makes very adorable...