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Omorovicza Review > Mist / Toner & Face Masks (Part 1 / 오모로비짜 토너 & 마스크)

Published by Jasmine Seo

It has already been almost 4 years since I started using Omorovicza products O_O.
Time flies, hey! >_<
Trust me, I've been meaning to make this post sooner, but I just didn't realise how many Omorovicza products I've been using/keeping in my bathroom cabinet :O.
Although I don't use Omorovicza products daily like La Prairie ones, I've been enjoying their products at least weekly!

Last weekend, I dashed to organise my beauty cabinet a bit since my family's visiting me at the end of this month XD I know it is very exciting and I'm very much looking forward to it. But at the same time, I don't want them to get freaked out from my messy giant collection of beauty products haha :P. Anyways, I will start off by reviewing Omorovicza Mist/Toner & Treatments, then move onto other Serums/Concentrates, cleansers & peel, moisturisers and body care products over a few posts.
I hope you find this post helpful as usual! :)

Queen of Hungary Mist

I personally like to use Queen of Hungary Mist whenever I feel that I need an uplifting boost! Very refreshing and revitalising indeed. It almost acts like Vitamin B for my skin to me >_<. It's highly orange blossom and rose scented, so be aware if you are allergic to scents. Some mists I cannot use during my monthly since they break my skin out, which annoyed me initially. However, Queen of Hungary Mist doesn't seem to give me breakouts at all unlike some other mists, which I'm very pleased about. I don't normally use it as a toner except when I travel. You know, you cannot really bother using cotton pads or staying in the bathroom for long while doing your skincare, especially when you stay with other people :P. If you have acne or pimples and are considering Queen of Hungary Mist as a purifying/oil-controlling toner/mist, I'd recommend you to stick to one of those toners specifically formulated for oily/acne-prone skin types depending on the degree/type of your acne/pimples. I'd suggest Queen of Hungary Mist to anyone who's looking for a luxurious feel of hydrating / revitalising toner/mist in a heavy glass bottle!

Deep Cleansing Mask

Deep Cleansing Mask is one of the best deep cleansing masks that I've tried. I've gone through more than 12 jars over the past few years. It is emulsion like light textured and beautifully scented and formulated. It's gentle to skin yet very effectively deep cleansing. I've noticed that I sometimes get whiteheads a day or two after using this mask due to its detoxification. Although Deep Cleansing Mask is very gentle compared to many other deep cleansing masks on the market, there's a slightly warming tingling sensation that you will feel that it's actually working onto your skin. Obviously some might not feel this, whilst others might like me :P. What I like most about this Deep Cleansing Mask is that even when it's dried 15-20min after application, it doesn't make my skin feel uncomfortable or dried.

If you like Deep Cleansing Mask by Omorovicza, you might like Glamglow's Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment that they launched a while ago. If you are interest in Glamglow's Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment, have a read about my review that I wrote previously :).

Instant Plumping Cream

I first bought Instant Plumping Set a few years ago simply because I get more in a set value-wise. Needless to say, as you know already, I love Queen of Hungary Mist, and I enjoy using it as part of my skincare rituals. Regardless of how amazing Instant Plumping Cream can be for your skin in the long run, let me first say that it is a very rich cream textured treatment. To be honest, I couldn't use it as a leave-on overnight intensive mask since it was just too rich and heavy. I tried it by itself, with Queen of Hungary Mist, and with water. And it turns out that I just need to rinse or wipe it off with a warm wet Cleansing Mitt, then rinse it off with cool water if necessary. I'd still use it only in cold seasons though. If not, that is when I'm on long haul flight or after having a cosmetic peel done :). I've made a post on this before, so if you are interested, you can read it from Here.

As for plumping, firming and lifting effects, I haven't really seen instant wrinkle reducing or tightening effects frankly speaking. I'd say it has more nurturing and hydrating benefits, which will in fact potentially prevent your skin from forming wrinkles and dehydration.

If you like luxurious yet effective types of masks, you should check out Sisley tube masks. I've reviewed on those before, so you can check the post Here.

Gold Hydralifting Mask

If you've found Instant Plumping Cream mask was a bit too rich, then you will love this one! It goes on to skin creamy, and leaves a beautiful semi matte velvet finish (I never needed to wipe of any excess!). It also creates a perfect canvas for makeup on top, so I see why they specifically introduced it as a 'day time' mask. My skin does feel lifted when applied, in the hydration department though, I need some extra cream or hydrating serum underneath whenever I use this mask. It didn't cause any breakouts even after long days or nights. I use it alone in summer, but this isn't enough for me in colder seasons since my skin gets very dehydrated.

I'm not fully sure about long-term wrinkle correction, but it feels that it soothes/protects my skin from environmental aggression. Indeed I love this one, even the scent!

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