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On board > Overnight In-Flight Makeup ( ft. By Terry, La Prairie, Chanel & Dior )

Published by Jasmine Seo

This is the continuing post  On board > Overnight In-Flight Skincare -Part 1-and On board > Overnight In-Flight Skincare -Part 3-/ S.O.S Skin Rescue / How to Get a Glowing Skin, so if you have not read them yet, make sure you check it out! :)

Have a look at my previous post Spring / Summer Vacance Travel Kit! - Part 3: Make-up - if you want to know what I normally carry with me over holidays.

These are what I took with me in my carry-on bag makeup-wise! :)
I travel quite often, I am not sure about you but I always find it a little funny whenever I see people done up with loads of makeup after a long flight's tired puffy face! :O You probably find that our skin texture is not as smooth as normal, or looking dull... concealer does not seem to work enough to conceal dark circles from the plane! :/ This is the main reason why I kept my in-flight makeup kit minimalist, whilst I kept my in-flight skincare regime more committed :).  
Of course, you can take more or less than this!

What is in my Hello Kitty sandwich bag? o.O


1. Eye & Lip makeup bases & 2. Complexion makeup

An eye makeup base and a lip balm! These will help with your dried lips and reddened/ darkened eye lid area from lack of sleep :P.
And it depends on where I will be landing, I usually carry one of my favourite sheer coverage By Terry foundation or medium coverage CC cream with built-in SPF (I have written a review on this one here). Obviously I check the weather forecast beforehand, and take one of them with me in my carry-on suitcase.

3. Concealer / Highlighter Pen

I really put so much effort into concealing! :) The best time to put on concealer is when there is a day light. That's right, near the window area but not too close! :P If you land in the evening, then you do not really need to worry about this much :).
I take two types of concealers, a creamy one for more heavy coverage and a liquid highlighter concealer pen for medium to light coverage that brightens the dull areas of my face. I know there are tube type concealers, but you need to be very careful, because it will all come out in the plane due to the pressure. This applies to everything, so bare this in your mind when packing. However, if you have used at least half of the tube, then it is fine :). It is not just about the mess, but also this will prevent wasting the product! >_<
And if you just have a highlighter that doesn't do concealing, then you really need to take a concealer with you. Not just for your spots but also for your dark circles. Just highlighting will accentuate dark circles and make them look even worse :/.  So it is very important to take a concealer! :)

4. Basic Eyeshadow

This varies depending on a person's taste! I generally go neutral and basic. Sometimes I even skip this part.
However, I always found that it is very helpful to give some depth/colour around my eyelid areas since I always get puffy eyes after long flight! :( I know, all coming from poor blood circulation and lack of sleep! :(
So I took Dior's eye gloss with me (sorry, it was limited edition, but maybe you might be able to get it from the counter). It is buildable, and  have a light shimmer, so it makes me look a bit more polished and fresh! :) There are different types of eyeshadows with various textures on the market today; pen, gloss, cream, powder..etc.  So just take whatever works for you in the plane :).

5. Eyebrow Pencil /Gel / Powder

I naturally have full eyebrows, so I just use a brow fixing gel. If you need more maintenance, then you should definitely take your eyebrow products that you have been using. Groomed eyebrows do make a difference to our image, so never skip this part :).

6. Mascara

It is optional to carry mascara, but I carried it anyways. Just take a sample mascara that you have got, or take whatever works for your eyelashes! :) I did not carry eyeliner, so I needed some help from mascara for a more "awake" look :P.

7. Blush / Bronzer

This is also optional, but if you are more comfortable using blush, then take it with you :). 
I personally found that I really need some help from blush since I normally look very dull and lifeless after long flight LOL. It brings some life to my face and I love this colour by By Terry. It smells like rose (like her other products :P) and the colour is very sweet!! :)  Actually, I own three blushes from her, so I might make another post on her makeup line later. Bronzer-wise, I did not take any, but you can obviously. If you naturally have a bit of a darker skin tones, then bronzer will look like more natural rather than blush. However, still this depends on your style of makeup :). You can always skip, put both, or either of them! ;)

8. Lip Makeup

Just follow your regular regime :). Here I took my tinted lip balm because it is just easy to use and what I desired was just an effortless natural fresh look. So even the colour that I chose was close to my natural lip shade :). I was not looking for perfection, but for a groomed and awake look, so this lip balm did its job very well :P.

I am not quite sure if you got bored of all my traveling kits :P. I will see if I need to make further posts on these when I go travelling again. Nevertheless, this is what I normally use/carry with me. In fact, I developed this regime all for myself after trials :). Hope that you enjoyed it! 
Thank you for reading and have a great week! :)

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