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On-board > Overnight In-Flight Skincare -Part 1- ( 기내 스킨 케어 / 여행용 화장품 - 1/2 - )

Published by Jasmine Seo

For more details on why I packed these products with me, 
please check my previous post Spring / Summer Vacance Travel Kit! - Part 1: Skin Care-.
I have explained thoroughly how I normally pack my skincare products when I am away! :)
And I am quite sure that you will find answers to most of the questions that you might have, and if you still have further questions, then please do not hesitate to ask me :).

Also, have a look at Autumn / Winter Overnight Trip Travel Kit!

Well, I have made several posts before on skincare travel kit, 
so I contemplated if I should make another one. 
And then, I realised that I have not yet made a post on on-board skincare / makeup! >_<  
So here I am with my lovely Hello Kitty sandwich bag that I took with me in my hand luggage for my LONG flight! :)

By the way, this is only half of my In-flight skincare routine, ie. this post will deal with beauty regime before sleep in the flight! Part 2 (next post) will be about after sleep skincare regime before makeup!

What is in my Hello Kitty sandwich bag? o.O

1. Cleanser

: Please make sure you take a couple of different cleansers. As in the different types of rinsing!:)

For my combo skin, I took one wash off cleanser (using water) and one cleansing emulsion (wash off OR wipe off with toner). It is mainly because you will never know how you AND your skin's condition will be! You might get lazy / too tired to make it to the washroom AND/OR your skin might get very sore/dry/itchy!

Obviously, the types of cleansers that you will carry might be different from mine due to different skin conditions. I explained all about this in previous posts, so you can go and have a read about it there! (links above.) And it also varies depending on how much makeup you have put on.

If you wear loads of makeup, then you SHOULD take a cleanser which can take them off all. Some people say cleansing water or wipes will do a job... but if you wear that much makeup, I think you have a no option but to go to the washroom and cleanse PROPERLY. This is very important because the serum and/or the moisturiser that you will use in the plane will be normally way richer and thicker, so they will lock everything down in your skin. You do not want makeup leftover underneath these expensive products! >_<

2. Toner / Mist

: You can take either a mist or a toner. Here, I have taken my alcohol-free toner. You can either wipe it off with a cotton pad or pat it on your skin (You can spray it too!). 
This is essential not just to take the impurities off but also to give it a BETTER chance to get BETTER hydration from your following products. This does not mean that you need to use harsh products, gentle and soothing toner/mist is the best in the plane :).

3. Serum/ Essence/ Concentrate   (OPTIONAL)

: This is optional, but if you have a more dry and mature skin, you might want to consider this step. What you need to do is to just find a good hydrating serum that works for your skin.

As you can see here, I took an oil-free light hydrating serum with me, purely because of my skin type. I have combination skin, but it produces more oil when I am behind on sleep or very stressed. So it is very important for me to take a right serum with me on the plane, otherwise it will break me out! :(

If you have other serums that you have been using, then take them and layer underneath your hydrating serum. I took a lightening serum to literally lighten my sunspots that I got while living in Australia.

4. Eye treatment

: Just use whatever you have been using at home, but please make sure that it provides hydration. And if it is light in texture, then you will need to re-apply every two hours or so. It is just because cabin air is very dry.

I took two different eye treatments with me, one is for dark circles/puffiness, and the other for hydration. I do not generally have dark circles/puffiness issues luckily, but I was a little afraid if I might get one from very long 23 hour flight (Australia - Korea - US)! Well, if we include bus trip (Canberra-Sydney) too, then it is almost 27 hour travel! :O Needless to say, I had very heavy jet leg.. anyway, I will talk about it further in another post next time! :P

5. Moisturiser & 6. Facial oil

: You should carry a proper moisturiser and/or facial oil! Very important indeed. 
I am talking about a moisturiser/facial oil which HYDRATES, not simply moisturises. 
Because you need HYDRATION due to the dry cabin air. 
Drinking water and spraying mist is not enough! :P 
You can even mix your moisturiser and facial oil if you want. 
I did not know what I was going to do, so I just carried them all :).

7. Spot/Blemish Treatment  (OPTIONAL)

: If you are an occasional breakout person, or struggling with blemishes/breakouts/ hormonal spots, then you might want to take a treatment for it with you. Mine is formulated with Benzoyl Peroxide, but please make sure that you find the one that works for you. Personally, spot gel never worked for me... just made it worse, so I just got this cream type one.

8. Lip treatment

: You know what works for your lips! :)
My lips are VERY sensitive and dry, so I took two lip balms with slightly different textures. Ha!
Yes, I am a little paranoid about getting cold sores from dryness/stress :P.
I always put two layers though. I put lighter one underneath richer lip balm that it will make sure it is hydrating/protecting my lips enough. 
You can even put lip balms on your sore cuticles (it does not say you can, but why not! :P), it worked beautifully on mine, voila!

Well, my last piece of advice for packing skincare products for flight is to
please do not take new skincare products on the plane!
That is very dangerous! You do not want any reactions or breakouts from it! :(

However, if you are still up to it, then try to test what you are planning to use on the plane at least two weeks before your departure. Hopefully this post was helpful for your packing! :) I will see you in Part 2!

Bon Voyage!


1. Chantecaille Flower Infused Cleansing Milk (On Offer),  Elemental Herbology Cool & Clear Facial Cleanser (On Offer - GWP at the moment)

2. Amore Pacific Treatment Toner Alcohol-Free Frreshener (On Offer - GWP at the moment)

  1. La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Serum (On Offer in US - GWP at the moment),  Amore Pacific Moisutre Bound Rejuvenating Serum (On Offer - GWP at the moment)

4. La Prairie Cellular Revitalizing Eye Gel (On Offer - GWP at the moment),  La Prairie Cellular Eye Contour Cream (On Offer - GWP at the moment)

5. La Mer Moisturzing Cream (On Offer - GWP at the moment)

6. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (On Offer - GWP at the moment)

7. Clinique Acne Solutions Emergency gel-lotion Intensif (On Offer)

8. Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm (On Offer - GWP at the moment),  Rodial Glam Balm

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