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OSEA Review > Ocean Cleanser (ft. Petit Vour October Beauty Box)

Published by Jasmine Seo

OSEA Ocean Cleanser was actually a part of Petit Vour Beauty Box from last month that I'm currently subscribed to. I've kept my eye on OSEA products for the past few years, but I've never really had a chance to try as my beauty cabinet is indeed overflowing >_< Haha.

Petit Vour monthly beauty box

Anyways, I was very excited to try out OSEA Ocean Cleanser thanks to the monthly Petit Vour Beauty Box :). And as you might have already noticed, yes, OSEA Ocean Cleanser was my favourite from the September Petit Vour Box. Since the one that I received was for combination skin types, I had to wait for my monthly to test as that's when my skin becomes a bit more of combination type.

OSEA Ocean Cleanser

My PMS skincare regime has always been about balancing skin and being gentle, and I tend to get very fussy when it comes to choosing a cleanser for that time of month. And I'm very glad that OSEA Ocean Cleanser worked well without aggravating my skin.

It comes out in a gel emulsion texture from the pump, and it feels very light.

OSEA Ocean cleanser

However, I have to say that I hated the pump as it doesn't work properly and it dispenses a very tiny amount at a time so you need to spend 15-30 sec just for pumping. And while pumping.... my pre-dampened skin was getting dried. Arrgh, that was frustrating.

OSEA Ocean cleanser

Anyways, the cleanser doesn't foam much at all, which is normally expected from natural skincare. After rinsing off, wow, there's quite a pleasant refreshing feeling without any oily residue. Skin doesn't feel overly dried at all. It just feels very neat without any discomfort. However, I wouldn't recommend you to use it near your eyelashes, because it stung my eyes a bit. It's bearable, but it made my eyes a bit irritated while working it on my face. Regardless, it was rinsed off clean and it wasn't a big problem.

OSEA Ocean Cleanser is certainly great for morning time usage, but for the evening, you might need a bit more extra if you reapply sunscreen, CC cushion and/or any other complexion products throughout the day. I've experienced that it has a limit to take all the products off by itself, so I've been using cleansing water first before using OSEA Ocean Cleanser. If you put on heavy and/or long-lasting eye make-up, then you would want to use an eye make-up remover beforehand.

Petit Vour October Box

The Petit Vour Box for this month includes mostly oil based products. I actually like using oils when weather's getting cold and dry like now. So let's see what will be my favourite product in the box :).

Inside the box

Petit Vour monthly box, beauty subscription, October box
Petit Vour monthly box, beauty subscription, October box

Petit Vour monthly box, beauty subscription, October box

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